ADCC Canada Has Some Big Names Competing!

ADCC recently announced that they would be hosting another huge competition, this time in Ottawa on April 23rd. The event is now one week away and some of the biggest names in all of grappling have entered to compete! Here’s an updated list of all the big names coming to ADCC Canada!

ADCC is without a doubt the biggest Jiu jitsu event and promotion of all time.

Known as the olympics of Jiu jitsu, the well known ADCC event only happens once every two years. That event is for the professionals only though, with only the best of the best in the sport getting an invite to compete.

ADCC has decided to expand their horizons these past few years though, recently hosting a competition in Vegas that was open to anyone, not just the professionals. Now ADCC has announced that they will be coming to Ottawa with another open tournament on April 23rd.

That date is just one week away now and registrations are closed due to the event reaching its maximum capacity. That means we have a final look at the competitors that will be showcasing their skills in Ottawa. Some notable names are Justin Mullin, Matt Kwan, Micah Brakefield, Morgan Littlechild, Kieran Kichuk, Reynaldo Camacho, Amr Gohneim, Gregor Burton, Kenny Blicharski, Chad Baird, David Garmo and more!

This event is stacked with great competitors and you’ll be able to watch all the action live on UFC Fight Pass. Don’t miss your chance to see high level jiu jitsu in Canada!

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