Why Are The Canucks Winning?

The Vancouver Canucks beat the Ottawa Senators last night extending their win streak to four games. The Canucks are fresh off of wins against the Ducks, Predators, and Maple Leafs and their win against Ottawa tonight gives real hope for the future of the team. However, fans have gone from upset Canucks are losing to upset that the Canucks are finally winning.

Why have Canucks fans made the sudden change?

At the start of the year fans were hoping that the Canucks would win as it was a fresh start to the season. However after the teams terrible start to the year fans quickly gave up hope and switched from wanting the team to win, to wanting them to do poorly so that they get a higher draft pick come the end of the year. This draft is significantly more important then previous years as well, as top prospect Connor Bedard is on the table and every team is looking to snatch him up.

The Canucks had a really good chance at getting the number one pick this year, but after their recent win streak, and 7-3 record in the last ten games, it’s unlikely that the team can secure the number one draft pick anymore.

Hence why Canucks fans aren’t so happy with the teams late push at some wins. Let’s hope the Canucks can go back to what they do best soon-losing.

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