Marianas Trench And Why I Love Them

I really hope you’ve heard about Marianas Trench and if not, I am going to put you on. Marianas Trench is a Vancouver band, the members are Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman. They have been releasing music since 2006, with their first album being “Fix Me.” They’ve also released albums “Masterpiece Theatre,” “Ever After,’ “Astoria,’ and “Phantoms.”

I’ve told you about the five albums they have released, but I haven’t told you about the one they are working on, mainly because I don’t have much to say. I’m very excited for the album, I just don’t know enough to tell you about it, other than the release is expected soon.

Time for my personal opinion. I can not pick a favorite song. So, I’m going to give you my favorite song from every album and a little background on why.

Fix Me: Low –

The instruments in this song, the layering of voices and the lyrics. I love the slow pacing in the bridge and the pick-up in the chorus. I like the way I interpret the song, which I won’t share because I want you to interpret it how you would without outside bias. What I also really enjoy about the bands music, is the emotion you can hear in Josh Ramsay’s voice.

Masterpiece Theatre: Masterpiece Theatre II –

The vocals in the back, the specific line “Making mostly to themselves,” just hits SO different.

P.S. The further I go into my favourites, the harder it gets.

Ever After: By Now –

Again, the emotion in this song, and just the song itself. Ever After is a perfectly crafted album, because the end of every song goes into the beginning of the next one beautifully.

Astoria: While We’re Young –

This song, I don’t know what it is about it but it reminds me to live for every moment.

Phantom: The Killing Kind –

The talent showcased in this song, absolutely insane.

As I’m sure you can tell by now, the passion and love I have for this band is very apparent. I would 100% recommend you listen to Marianas Trench.


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