Cooking: A Delicious Hobby!

Graduating from high school came with tons of expectations that had to do with my future. Questions like was I going to school, or was I going to work? I didn’t have any answers to these questions at the time, but I knew I had a passion for food and cooking.

I decided to pursue work instead of school right out of high school. I thought that I potentially had a career in the restaurant industry. Honestly, my dream at the time was running a food truck and traveling across the country serving up some of the most delicious food to people across the country.

This dream honestly stemmed from watching the movie “Chef” with Jon Favreau. They made it seem like the best way to live your life was through food, which I do agree with still because food brings people together and creates memories.

I knew I had to gain experience in the culinary world before knowing if I wanted to pursue this dream of mine. So, I began working in the kitchen at restaurants. I started at the bottom making salads and worked my way up to the top working on the grill.

Sadly, my love for cooking disappeared slowly after years of working in different restaurants because it was just too stressful. I found it to be a lot of hard work with little reward, which is why I respect chefs who take pride in their menus, food, and restaurant.

I’ve slowly learned that my love for cooking is better at home than out in the industry, which is okay. I still love making food at home, experimenting with new recipes, and digging into some yummy homemade food. If you don’t like cooking, give it a try because at-home cooking is a great stress reliever, enables a unique type of creativity, and can lead to healthier eating.

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