The Top 10 List of Condiments You Need to Know!

Condiments are necessary for every household and add different flavors to your meals that might be lacking. But have you ever looked in someone’s fridge, like at your friend’s place, and been super excited or disappointedly surprised at the types of condiments they have sitting in their refrigerator? Condiments are unique to every household even if there are some universal ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re worth using.

I think every household should have at least 5 to 10 different condiments in their pantry and fridge, and we’re going to look at the top 10 I think you should have, and some may surprise you.

So, working our way down from number 10 to 6, we have soy sauce sitting at number 10. Soy sauce pairs nicely with sushi, and is good for cooking stir fry, fried rice, and is an easy way to add saltiness to your dishes. At number 9, we have honey mustard, an easy tangy, sweet dipping sauce that tastes amazing with chicken nuggets. At the 8th spot, we have BBQ sauce, a classic staple marinade for any meat, and tastes delicious with hashbrowns, trust me. Mustard comes in at number 7, a traditional condiment used on many different things. Number 6 is hot sauce, and if you don’t like spice, it’s still a great flavor to add to your eggs and chicken wings.

And then there were 5. We have ranch at number 5, which goes perfectly on pizza, or as a dip for raw veggies, which not too many condiments can do. Number 4 is Dijon mustard, a little spicier and tangier than regular mustard but pairs nicely with sandwiches, potatoes, and chicken. Sriracha sits at number 3 and is a spicy chili sauce that tastes amazing with breakfast, rice bowls, and noodles. At number 2, we have mayo because you can do so much with it, from dressings to dips. It is a base for lots of sauces and tastes great on its own with some fries or in sandwiches. Last but not least, we have salsa. The freshest, tastiest condiment that can be put on your eggs, rice bowls, or tacos.

That’s my top 10 condiment list, and you may agree or disagree with some, but everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine. As you may have noticed, Ketchup didn’t make the cut because I do not enjoy its sweetness. Condiments are unique because there is a condiment for everyone, but you need to get out there and try different things to find the one you like.

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