The Importance of the Gym Physically, and Mentally!

From the young age of 5 years old, I began skating and playing hockey. I kept playing until I was about 18 years old, and at the same time, I played basketball during my last two years of high school. So, my teens revolved around playing team sports and physical activity. The camaraderie, teamwork, and memories stick with me to this day.

Graduating from high school meant I aged out of minor hockey and could not play basketball anymore. Reality sunk in, and I had to either get a job or go to school, and my life in sports seemed like it was fading away. Honestly, I felt this void in my life. I was missing out on playing the sports I loved, and I knew something was missing.

A few months after graduation, I was starting to feel lazy, disappointed, and sad that I didn’t have my usual games and practices to go to, but I knew I needed some type of physical activity. Then the gym came along and swept me off my feet. Getting in the gym for the first time was intimidating, but at the same time, I saw it as a challenge. And the best part was this challenge was with yourself, and the gym lets you be the best version of yourself.

There are physical perks, like increasing muscle mass and improving cardio, but the benefits don’t stop there. The gym benefits your mental health just as much. Regular exercise helps with relieving stress, makes me feel energized, accomplished, and even helps me with my sleep. These are all benefits that I value more than any physical traits because mental health needs to be made a priority in this day and age.

The price of a gym membership is such a small price to pay for all the positive things it brings into your life. Put on your earbuds, play your favorite playlist, and put in the work! It’s a great escape for someone looking to do something for themselves and will leave you feeling good about yourself.

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