Seafood Galore at the Steveston Spot Prawn and Seafood Celebration

The Steveston community is one that comes together over many things.

One of them being seafood.

The Spot Prawn and Seafood Celebration is in full swing in Steveston, as local fishermen and fisherwomen have been hard at work. They are bringing restaurants and locals the freshest seafood right to their plates all month long.

Laura Takasaki, a local Steveston fisherwomen, loves the chaos at the Fisherman’s Wharf during the Spot Prawn and Seafood Celebration.

“It gets crazy because it is a short season. It’s like 50 days and prawns are really sensitive creatures, so it can be very stressful. But me personally, I just like the community of it where you see people coming down and they get all excited when they get their prawns, and they’re carrying it in their bags and taking pictures. I love it when people send us pictures and show us the recipes and things they’ve made. For me, that’s the fun part of it.

  • Laura Takasaki, local Steveston fisherwomen

The current season is treating many quite well as fishers are consistently selling generous amounts seafood, and the demand for fresh and local seafood is a constant draw for visitors coming in to Steveston.

Local Steveston Restaurants are also collaborating with local fishers, such as Laura Takasaki, to provide you the tastiest and freshest seafood dishes in the lower mainland.

“We’re hoping that more restaurants, which they have seemed to be doing, come down and buy from the local fishermen rather than buying from a wholesale food supplier. So everybody that’s going to eat knows that they’re actually eating the prawns directly from the fishermen, which is kind of nice to collaborate with everybody.”

  • Erin Lee, local Steveston fisherwomen

It’s the first ever Spot Prawn and Seafood Celebration at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf so make sure to head down and grab a bag of fresh spot prawns from May 6th to June 5th.

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