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It’s been 17 long years since Vancouver has hosted any car racing events downtown, but that’s all set to change in 2022. Many will remember the Molson Indy Vancouver, a Champ Car race on a street circuit around BC place running as far as Science World.

From 1990 to 2004 auto racing fans would flock downtown by the thousands to hear to roar of the engines through the buildings, the smell of burning rubber, and sheer excitement as the cars would vibrate through your entire body while flying by.


Molson Indy Vancouver – @WFLBC/Twitter

For many millennials like me, I sadly don’t have many if any, memories of the Molson Indy. Only the incredible stories passed down to me from my family. This event always sounded so magical when described, making it sound like something I could never imagine happening in the city. Maybe this is because I always secretly wanted to be a racecar driver. But I knew one day it had to make its way back home.

The wait is close to being over though. Come 2022 the city of Vancouver recently voted in favor to host a 2022 FIA Formula E World Championship car race. This three-day event will cover next year’s Canada Day weekend from Thursday, June, 30th to Saturday, July, 2nd.

These electric-battery race cars will race a street circuit near East False Creek in downtown Vancouver on a part of the former Molson Indy blueprint. Yes it won’t sound like it once did, nor will it sound like much, but for auto racing fans in British Columbia, this is a total win.

If you’ve been a racing fan your entire life, or maybe recently became a fan of Formula 1 from Netflix’s hit show Ride To Survive, I assure you you cannot miss this event. From as cheap as twenty-five dollars you can go to an event next year. Single and multi-day passes are all available on their website, along with plenty of information on amenities and much more.

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