A Fury Of Punches Finishes A Trilogy



Last night the boxing world was given what some have described as one of the best heavyweight fights in boxing history. Britain’s Tyson Fury defeated American Deontay Wilder by knockout in the 11th round Saturday night. Fury, who holds a 31-0-1 professional record with 21 knockouts, made a statement knocking out Wilder in a steady fashion.

The ‘Gypsy King’ put on a show last night for boxing fans around the world as Wilder just wouldn’t go down. After a knockdown rocked Deontay in the third round, he would fight back to allow himself the opportunity to stay in the fight. Fury would go on to control much of the fight, landing punches while ducking and weaving round after round.



In the fourth round, Wilder would score his biggest points of the night connecting with a massive right hand that dropped Fury. But he wasn’t done thereafter Tyson was able to recover Deontay would capitalize once again after throwing a flurry of punches that would drop the ‘Gypsy King’ once again.

But this wouldn’t stop the Champ who would fight his way back round after round from then on forward to eventually break down his opponent. After taking a beating between much of the seventh and eighth rounds would eventually lead to his inevitable finish.



After their first fight was fought to a draw the much-anticipated rematch was set for February 22, 2020, in Las Vegas where Fury would go on to a dominant finish of Wilder in the 7th round. After the fight, Wilder would use a clause within their contracts to force a third and final battle.

As the crowd cheered on Fury the momentum would grow too large as he would wear down Wilder scoring another knockdown in the 10th round. By this point, the fight was already won for Tyson, but that didn’t stop Wilder from staying in the fight. In the 11th round, Fury finally finished Wilder via knockout in brutal fashion to retain his heavyweight title.


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