Mother Mother Hosts a Marathon of Vancouver Concerts

After swarms of TikTok users gravitated to their music during the pandemic, Vancouver-based indie rock Mother Mother is back on the road again with this newfound, global success.

The band announced dates for their upcoming Inside tour, named after the album of the same name which came out June 25th. This tour includes a hometown swing with a whopping 5 concerts in 4 days.

No, that’s not a typo. 5 concerts. 4 days. Yes, that means they’ll play 2 concerts within the same day.

This musical marathon kicks off December 2nd and concludes on the 5th with all shows taking place at the Commodore Ballroom. The back-to-back performances occur on December 4th, with an all-ages show in the afternoon proceeding their typical evening gig. It sounds like quite the test of musical endurance, but considering they were unable to play live in front of their hometown fans for nearly 2 years, I’m sure the atmosphere will be exciting and energetic regardless of what show they’re playing.

Coming off a busy 2019 filled with touring, Mother Mother took a short hiatus before the pandemic hit. It was during the early pandemic days when everyone thought the end of the world was upon us and people were passing time by either binge-watching Tiger King (still haven’t watched it to date) or obsessing over the latest songs, dance challenges, and memes trending on TikTok. This is when the band started to notice rapid increases in their Spotify numbers and attributed it to Tiktok users recording videos with songs they produced 12 years ago. Soon after, they recorded Inside, their eighth studio album and first “pandemic album”.

Following their spree of shows in Vancouver, the band has its sights set on the rest of North America and Europe in 2022, which includes shows in Russia, Spain, and Norway. The latter two have already sold out.

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