Quarantine hobbies to try

In these insane times that the world is collectively experiencing people are being forced to relax and reflect. For someone who loves being out and always having something to do like myself, this part is probably the most challenging. So I have decided to create a list of things that I like to do when I’m bored and don’t want to spend it on my phone or laptop, as I’m one of those people who feel the effects of being in front of a screen all day. (I feel it in my eyes, my body and my soul!)

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Baking: I have found such comfort in using up ingredients that my family would otherwise throw away and turning them into goodies that we all can enjoy (and my family really does enjoy). My go to recipe is a banana bread I make every couple of weeks after the bananas that were unused turns brown. Cookies are also something I enjoy making as they don’t need long to bake before you can enjoy them.

Knitting: I have recently found my old knitting needles from when I was little and joined the knitting club at my elementary school, and it was like my hands remembered exactly what to do. I can’t do anything fancy but just doing the motions helps keep my hands busy if I’m watching something and don’t want to be on my phone. I have also noticed that its helped reduce anxiety that I have been feeling.

Reading: I can be a terrible reader sometimes, if I don’t have to I won’t and if its not a good book within the first chapter I’ll stop. I wish that high school English classes were still a thing because it would always force me to read some books I would never think to pick up. Some of my favourites from high school have been The Handmaids TaleThe Glass Castle and The Outsiders.

But because I’m way too old to be attending high school classes I resort to my favourite kinds of book which are fiction romances, but my favourite book I have found on my own has definitely been Eat, Pray, Love which I’m considering rereading to cure my wanderlust during this pandemic.

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Going Through Clothes: Figuring out the clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit you anymore is the perfect way to get organized and pass the time. Selling clothes I’m able to get some cash on the side… to spend towards more clothes, and spending more time figuring out second hand options. I am trying to make a conscious effort to buy less and when I do to just buy if I know I need it or will wear it or if its second hand.

Writing: Whether journaling or just jotting down things that make me happy such as quotes or sentences that stick in my head I have a notebook for almost everything. It helps me visualize a problem or the task in front of me and I always feel lighter after I have written.

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