What to do this week

It is the end of the long weekend and even though the pandemic may make you feel like everyday is a long weekend (you know being stuck at home everyday), a break is still always appreciated! But now we are back on that “at home” work grind and you might be looking to break up the everyday with some fun activities. So here are some ideas on what you can do this week at home or socially distanced.

Vancouver Augmented Reality: Put on by the Vancouver Mural Festival, this completely digital event is running until February 28th and is a free way to see amazing installations. This event can be done by simply strolling through some of your favourite parts of Vancouver including in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. All you need is your phone to see incredible 3D artwork from people all over the world. 

Dine Out Vancouver: I know I suggest this one all the time too, but why stop a good thing? This event gives you great deals on places new to try and some that are already in your restaurant repertoire. Help support local in the tastiest way. 

Catch Up on Your Reading: According to the weather app our weather is going to turn sour again heading towards the end of the week, and by that I don’t mean snow but with typical yet still ever so depressing, rain. So stay inside and catch up more on your reading or television binging. With nothing to do and nowhere to go anyways, take advantage of the time by relaxing in your coziest stuff at home. February and curling up to something entertaining like a book just go hand in hand! 

Have a great week everyone, hopefully spring comes around the corner quickly!

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