5 unique paths to a fulfilling career in marketing management

BCIT offers five unique paths to a fulfilling career in marketing management

Take a look around you, and you’ll likely see some examples of marketing—maybe just a few, maybe a few dozen. Marketing is everywhere, and comes in different forms as it’s needed by different industries. It’s the primary means for brands—whether small businesses, large enterprises, public sector organizations, or charitable non-profits—to make sure consumers are hearing … Read more

Why reporting is more important than ever—and how BCIT helps students step into the role of the journalist

BCIT helping students step into role of the journalist

There’s a lot of dubious reporting out there. Case in point: you’ve probably heard the rumour that journalism is in terminal decline, and that traditional news media are dying out due to the rise of digital platforms. If you fact checked this, as you would in any newsroom, you’d quickly discover that the opposite is … Read more

7 programs to get started on your graphic design career

BCIT has programs tailored to prepare you for success in your graphic design career

It’s amazing what you can do with a graphic design career these days. From creating beautiful logos to perfecting digital interfaces, every organization that engages customers with a website or mobile app needs a designer’s keen eye. At the same time, there’s never been more variety in media and entertainment—all the content on HBO, Netflix, … Read more

If you want an exciting business career, check out these 10 BCIT programs

BCIT offers business programs to prepare you for an exciting career

The business world is changing, both in British Columbia and across the globe. On one hand, the options have never been greater—just think about all the products, services, and apps you use, and the companies bringing them to life. On the other hand, we’re seeing an unprecedented shift as baby boomers retire and leave thousands … Read more