Vancouver’s Faculty Brewing comes by its name honestly

The craft beer industry is thriving in Vancouver. While many people know the difference between an IPA and a Pilsner, there are a lot of new craft beer drinkers in need of a bit of beer education. Enter Mauricio Lozano, part-time BCIT Food Technology instructor and proud craft brewery owner. Mauricio opened Faculty Brewing in Vancouver’s … Read more

Occupational Health and Safety student wins national scholarship


Congratulations to BCIT Occupational Health and Safety Diploma program student Vanna Lymberopoulos. Vanna recently won the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) Scholarship. This annual award is designed to support students entering the occupational health and safety (OH&S) profession. It supports the creation of healthy and safe workplaces, and also provides financial assistance to undergraduate students … Read more

BC Ambulance Infant Transport Team partners with BCIT Specialty Nursing for paramedic training

BC Ambulance Infant Transport Team members are now taking BCIT Specialty Nursing courses as part of their training. The partnership between BC Ambulance and BCIT began a year ago when BC Ambulance recognized that BCIT Specialty Nursing offered courses in Neonatal and Pediatric care that could supplement their own internal course work. According to Peter … Read more

Electroneurophysiology grad says fulfilling his childhood dream allows him to help other children

Girl connecting to electroencephalography apparatus, with diodes attached to her head as she lies on a hospital bed.

“Every time she sees me she gives me a huge hug and thanks me for helping her, for making her life better,” says Tabrez Hussein about his interactions with a recent patient. It’s not an uncommon occurrence: Tabrez’s work as an Electroneurophysiology Technologist lets him make direct connections with patients and a difference in their … Read more

Medical assistance in dying: How Vancouver Coastal Health is working with changes to Canada’s criminal code

The BCIT School of Health Sciences and the BCIT Student Association were pleased to welcome Darren Kopetsky, Regional Director of Client Relations & Risk Management for Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to the BCIT Burnaby Campus on February 20th as our second monthly power hour event. Kopetsky’s presentation on Medical Assistance in Dying was a timely topic … Read more

A career targeting cancer—why one student chose Radiation Therapy

You’re studying to be a radiation therapist, eh? So, you want to take x-rays? “No. We don’t take x-rays,” says BCIT student Brynn Tomie. “We don’t work in the hospitals. We only work in cancer treatment centres. It’s radiation as in cancer and cancer treatment. It’s extremely specific.” In her first year in the BCIT Radiation Therapy … Read more