Graduating Student Awards Celebration: Recognizing student achievement and the generosity that makes it possible

BCIT pride was everywhere—from the graduating students who received awards to the donors who made it all possible. They joined BCIT President Kathy Kinloch and faculty and staff to recognize the achievements of our students at the 2019 Graduating Student Awards Celebration on June 18 at the Burnaby campus. “The awards gave me time to … Read more

From patient to healthcare professional: BCIT student Ashley Verokosky shares her journey

Ashley Verokosky was excited to begin studying Medical Radiography at BCIT. But before she could start, she experienced a health scare that changed everything. “Prior to getting accepted into the program,” recalls Ashley, “I had a car accident while having a seizure. And a nurse witnessed it and told me it was a seizure … … Read more

Rejection to opportunity: Interior designer, TV host, and BCIT alumna Jillian Harris couldn’t have designed a more fulfilling career

For Jillian Harris, interior design was a side hustle in the beginning. In between shifts as a salesperson at a home décor store and as a server at Cactus Club Café, she freelanced as a design consultant taking on small jobs as she could. When the co-owner of Cactus Club Scott Morison heard about her … Read more

BCIT Alumni Association AGM: Inspiring alumni to achieve and celebrating 40 years of success

To be a leader in the 21st century, you need to be agile, collaborative, and tenacious. BCIT alumni are all these things, leading teams, organizations, and industries as they tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. “In leadership, pressures can force you to learn, grow, and evolve” said Kevin Lawrence, a strategic advisor, coach to … Read more

Lick your toads, put yourself first, love the lessons: This BCIT alumnus and coach says these habits are key to being a high-achieving leader

At just 16 years old, Brayden is already a seasoned entrepreneur. He has a knack for finding great business opportunities, including fixing and selling an old car, building an e-commerce store to sell gadgets from China around the world, and merchandising barber shop chairs. No one is prouder of Brayden and his business acumen than … Read more

The Joyce Williams Nursing Bursary: Creating a legacy of care and training the next generation of community heroes

During the Second World War, war poster headlines in Canada asked everyone to ‘do your bit’. Many men enlisted. Barred from combat roles, women took on other roles. Joyce Williams, determined to help, trained to become a Registered Nurse at Winnipeg General Hospital. Her first nursing job was in Hazelton, BC where tungsten was being … Read more

BCIT Alumni Association celebrates 40 years in 2019

In 1979, 15 years after BCIT first opened its doors, the BCIT Alumni Association (BCITAA) was founded to serve its 12,000 members. Today, there are more than 180,000 BCIT alumni worldwide making significant contributions in applied and natural sciences, business, computing and Information technology, trades, engineering, and health sciences. “We are excited to celebrate BCIT … Read more

Working in Asia: Find out why this Hong Kong-based alumnus says BCIT grads are uniquely primed for opportunities in the region

“The opportunities in Hong Kong are vast,” says Darren Plested, BCIT engineering technology alumnus. “The economic river flows fast and heavy, so it’s not that hard to dip your cup in the water.” Darren should know. As the head of Business Development and Innovation at automaker Infiniti (a division of Nissan), he manages the Global … Read more

Wesgroup Equipment donates $50,000 to BCIT and spurs more support for women in trades

On this International Women’s Day, BCIT Foundation is excited to announce Wesgroup Equipment has recently made a $50,000 donation in support of BCIT students and programs, spurring even more support for women in trades. Their generous gift (which will go toward bursaries and scholarships for students in programs including Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation, and Professional … Read more

Who do Canadians trust most, and why should we care? Top executives, BCIT alumni explore The Battle for Truth at March 6 event

Who do you trust to lead change? If you answered ‘my employer’, you’re in line with the 79 per cent of Canadians who say CEOs should take the lead on change, rather than waiting for government to impose it. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer survey results, people agree that CEOs can create positive … Read more