BCIT Nuclear Medicine program students to benefit from $150K in funding from INITIO Medical Group

In an effort to improve the quality of healthcare and diagnose early signs of disease, BCIT is proud to announce its partnership with Burnaby-based INITIO Medical Group and their donation of $150,000 to financially support students in the BCIT Nuclear Medicine program over the next three years.

The funding will assist a total of 27 individuals pursuing full-time studies in BCIT’s Nuclear Medicine program.  Each student in the 2022 and 2023 cohorts will receive a $1,000 bursary to defray their tuition.  In addition, eligible students can apply for access to additional financial supports ranging from academic achievement awards, larger bursaries, and an entrance award. The entrance award  will provide a full scholarship to one successful applicant into the BCIT Nuclear Medicine program through the INITIO Nuclear Medicine Entrance Award.

Investing in the future of students and healthcare

A special thank you to Mina Bechai, Founder and CEO of INITIO Medical Group for his leadership in creating increased opportunities for BCIT students. Mina Bechai’s dedication to supporting the field of nuclear medicine and those pursuing an education in health sciences will help foster student success at BCIT and help our graduates make a positive difference in BC.

“The partnership with BCIT is an initial stride towards a series of collaborations and future opportunities. Our focus on innovative strategies and paving the way to a brighter future for healthcare includes investing in the next generation. Our commitment to society drives us – we lead where others don’t, focusing on enhancing accessibility through efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.”

– Mina Bechai, Founder & CEO, INITIO Medical Group.

Lastly, a special thank you to Dr. Philip Cohen for his support of this new partnership between INITIO and BCIT. Dr. Cohen is a Director at INITIO, Division Head, Nuclear Medicine at Lions Gate Hospital, and Section Head, Nuclear Medicine at Doctors of BC. He is a pioneer in Nuclear Medicine in Canada and in the usage of 3-D imaging techniques and is involved in clinical research trials of new radiopharmaceuticals in Canada.

Shaping students’ lives

Because of generous donors like INITIO Medical Group, BCIT students can continue to pursue a rewarding education experience and pursue their dream careers.  Thank you!

Thank you to INITIO Medical Group for their generous contribution towards BCIT and supporting students studying health sciences and nuclear medicine. Through this gift, BCIT students can continue their education in an innovative and collaborative environment and become much needed leaders in today’s complex world.

Learn more about giving at BCIT.

About INITIO Medical Group

INITIO Medical Group is Western Canada’s only private PET/CT scan facility. With over 20 years experience, INITIO offers Rapid PET/CT and CT scans and nuclear medicine treatments with no wait list. INITIO has diagnostic scanning technology and treatments for cancer, cognitive impairment, and cardiac sarcoidosis, and now, offers prostate cancer therapy. With this latest addition, the company reaffirms its commitment to providing the most advanced and effective treatments to its patients. Learn more about INITIO.

About BCIT

For nearly 60 years, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has been delivering flexible, relevant, and future-proof education that prepares learners to provide applied solutions to industry challenges. As one of BC’s largest post-secondary institutes with five campuses, 300+ programs, and over 45,000 students enrolled each year, BCIT connects education, industry, and government in building an agile workforce. Learn more about BCIT.

About BCIT Nuclear Medicine program

The BCIT Nuclear Medicine program is one of its kind in BC. Advanced in-hospital clinical training and enhanced simulation labs help prepare students for a successful career in the advancing field of Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics. Upon graduation, BCIT students are able to  launch their careers and are going on to make a positive difference in today’s complex world.

Eligible students in this competitive program can look forward to an immersive applied education experience at the new BCIT Health Sciences Centre and learning from highly trained faculty and staff from the School of Health Sciences. Learn more about the BCIT Nuclear Medicine program.

About the INSPIRE Campaign

The BCIT INSPIRE Campaign is the largest fundraising initiative in BCIT history. Focused on raising funds for three pillars—Access and Inclusion, Teaching and Learning Innovation, and Campus Redevelopment—the Campaign is creating a new future at BCIT as a destination for applied learning. Through INSPIRE, the BCIT Foundation is helping today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders and continues to receive strong philanthropic support from industry, alumni, and individuals who recognize the importance of BCIT to the economic prosperity of BC. Learn more about the INSPIRE Campaign, including ways to join in building a strong and impactful community of philanthropy.

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