BCIT student wins first place at the 2024 LIV Design Challenge

Congratulations to Emily Peterson who received first place in the 2024 LIV Design Challenge for her patio design, The Arbor. Emily was a student in the  BCIT Interior Design program when she submitted her design. She now works as a Junior Interior Designer at SSDG, a Vancouver interior design firm.

The LIV Design Challenge is a student-focused competition for the next generation of interior designers. Three finalists are selected to have their designs rendered into 3D models and viewable through augmented reality portals at the Interior Design Show (IDS) Toronto 2024.

The design

For the 2024 LIV Design Challenge, participants were asked to design a 188 square-feet patio space. The criteria maintained that the design should facilitate a deeper connection to our surroundings, be multi-functional, and be for all-season use.

“The Arbor is a meticulously designed urban retreat that elegantly harmonizes with the changing seasons, offering a protective haven in the bustling city. Its custom-built arbor and curvilinear design elements pay tribute to nature’s cyclical beauty and create a tranquil atmosphere through lush greenery and airy fabric,” explains Emily Peterson. “This multifunctional space seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor living, providing both solitude and socialization while celebrating the pleasures of nature and the changing seasons.”

Hands-on education in the real world

Emily is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Interior Design program. Throughout the challenge, Emily drew mostly from the skills she acquired throughout her time at BCIT. “I would not have been able to complete and win this competition without my education.” Emily said. “Writing, visuals, graphics, CAD, 3D modeling, and so much more all came into play for this competition and I wouldn’t have had those skills without my education at BCIT”.

Tiia Manson, Program Head, BCIT Bachelor of Interior Design, extended her congratulations, “As BCIT faculty, it is always great to see our students and graduates achieve their goals. We are very proud of Emily’s win.”

Congratulations Emily!

(Photo credit: The image at the top of the article is sourced from LIV Design Challenge.)

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