Our People: Meet Garrett Kryt, Program Head, BCIT MAKE+ Applied Research

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Get to know Garrett Kryt, Program Head, BCIT MAKE+ Applied Research.

How would you summarize the work that you do at the Institute in 15 words or less?

I have worked with BCIT since 2019 (4 years). In 15 words, the work that I do at BCIT: Mechatronics design, project management, co-op supervision and promotion of BCIT to industry and beyond.

What does winning an Employee Excellence Award for Applied Research mean to you?

I am very humbled to receive the Employee Excellence Award for Applied Research at BCIT.  I firmly believe in the value of BCIT’s educational programs and its role in the province of British Columbia. Winning this award feels like validation of my contribution to the institute and student’s education.

In what ways have you developed professionally while working with the Institute?

I am fortunate enough in my position to be continually exposed to new technology and ideas. I love this challenge, and new projects require continuous professional development to maintain current skills, learn about new technologies and put theory into practice. I have taken leadership classes through BCIT, and actively put this into practice in my role as Program Head and overseeing co-op student teams. I’ve also been able to travel to conferences and maintain a strong mentor network by staying in contact with retired BCIT employees. Finally, I am working towards an associate certificate in Applied Software Development through BCIT, it has been an awesome experience.

What has been your most memorable moment working at BCIT?

AI-Enabled Smart wheelchair
AI Enabled Smart wheelchair

Two major projects have stood out in my time at BCIT. These included the design and development of an AI-Enabled Smart wheelchair, as well as my involvement as technical lead in the BCIT Centre for Internet of Things YVR Water Monitoring Project. Both projects involved student capstone teams and co-op term placements over multi-year development spans. Its been an honour to be involved in these projects, which have provided real value to students through exposure cutting edge research as well as the engineering development process.

How do you spend your time outside of work. Do you have any hobbies?

I love cycling. I enjoy being in nature and challenging myself physically and mentally. I love tinkering and take pride in maintaining my bicycle.

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