2023 BCIT Student Innovation Challenge Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2023 BCIT Student Innovation Challenge in recognition of outstanding achievements in the categories of Applied Research, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability.

Applied Research

First place ($5000)  was awarded to the School of Energy students Laurel Kinahan and Jacob Doyle for their innovative project, “IHearU.” The team’s novel device uses bone conduction technology to assist users with unilateral hearing loss filter background noises and isolate voices. The judges were impressed with their innovative approach and the creativity they demonstrated in their submission.

Second place ($1500) was awarded to Kevin Rosenthal, Janet Ti, and Lulu Wang from the School of Health for their project “The Honey Pusher,” and third place ($500) was awarded to Frances Skulj, Kristel Fajalongo, and Maria Narro from the School of Energy for their project “Separation and Quantification of Organic Fluorine to Determine Potential PFAS Contamination in Sappho Cosmetics.”

The winners in the Applied Research category are great examples of how BCIT prioritizes practical learning opportunities, innovative solutions to industry challenges, and the creation of new, commercially relevant technology products and applications. Our curriculum greatly helps our students to gain real-world experience and develop skills that are in high demand by employers.


First Place ($5000) was awarded to Junior Thiensirisak from the School of Construction and the Environment for his product “Cloudi.” Cloudi is a novel smart lighting system that connects with smart home technology and creates a unique ambient experience. The judges were impressed with Junior’s business acumen, creativity, and passion for this idea.

Second place ($1500) was awarded to Qaidin Noory from the School of Computing and Academic Studies for his project “Mobile App Entrepreneurship” and third place ($500) was awarded to Katarina Carlton from the School of Construction and the Environment for her project “GroundsUp.”


Sustainability is critical to creating a better future for our planet. The Student Innovation Challenge hopes to inspire and empower the next generation of sustainability leaders.

First place ($5000) went to Jimmy Bates, Sahil Heer, Stephen Cyr, and Tom Kuzma from the School of Energy for their project “Fish-CenS.” This fantastic device uses machine learning and AI to count migrating salmon, and assesses water quality 24/7 in real time.

Second place ($1500) was awarded to Henning Grote from the School of Business and Media for his project “Dish-Re-Dish” and third place ($500) went to Doug Setter from the School of Business and Media for his project “Food Expiry App.” The judges were impressed with both projects due to the commitment to sustainability and their ability to develop practical solutions to longstanding and complex problems.

“Entrepreneurship and applied research are essential for students to develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed in the modern world. By applying their education, embracing ambiguity, taking risks, and seeking inspiration from their own experiences, students can create new knowledge and ideas that solve real-world problems,” says Dr. Kim Dotto, Dean Applied Research and Centre for Applied Research and Innovation. “We are incredibly proud of the winners of the Student Innovation Challenge. Their innovative projects showcase the talent and creativity of BCIT students, and we know they will continue to make a positive impact.”


A huge thank you to our 2023 sponsors: JTS Consulting Inc., Futurpreneur, Odlum Brown, EB Horsman and Son, Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc., GeoComply, EllisDon Corporation and BCIT donor, Donald Yen, for his generous contribution to the First Place Sustainability Award. As a result of the combined support of our sponsors, $21,000 was awarded to students in this year’s Student Innovation Challenge.

About the BCIT Student Innovation Challenge

The BCIT Student Innovation Challenge is an annual contest aimed at providing support, encouragement, and funding to BCIT students who have “bright ideas.” Since its founding, the Student Innovation Challenge has inspired diverse and innovative student projects. The Challenge is managed by the Applied Research Liaison Office in collaboration with BCIT School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT School of Computing and Academic Studies, BCIT School of Business and Media, BCIT School of Energy, BCIT School of Transportation, BCIT School of Health Sciences, and the Student Association Entrepreneurial Services.

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  1. There’s a lot of great ideas here. I’d love to hear more about the “Mobile App Entrepreneurship” and “GroundsUp” projects. Congrats to all the participants and winners!


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