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There’s an age-old saying that knowledge is power—and we couldn’t agree more. Access to education leads to new perspectives and a better understanding of the world we live in. For over 50 years, BCIT has been providing post-secondary learning to curious minds in British Columbia and beyond. But did you know you can also study some topics for free?

BCIT Free Online Learning is an opportunity to pursue personal growth and career development anytime, anywhere. Courses within this platform are available at zero cost to anyone with a computer and internet connection. Like many other Flexible Learning options, you can pick and choose classes that interest you and study at your own pace.

The difference is that free learning is designed to be self-moderated, which means you’ll review course material and resources without an instructor. This is also a more digestible introduction to post-secondary learning—courses take an average of just six to 14 hours of study time.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your mind or dive into career-specific skills, all free courses are defined by one of three online learning pillars.

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Pillar 1: Citizenship

The citizenship pillar offers vital resources for our development as global citizens, covering topics from equality and integrity to digital footprints. Find out how to create safer spaces for all genders, gain Indigenous Awareness, examine unconscious bias, or get insights on today’s technology landscape. Learners will leave with a deeper understanding of our world—and be equipped to make a positive impact within it.

Pillar 2: Learning

The learning and teaching pillar helps those who are about to enter post-secondary prepare for their journey. Gather practical insights for making a smoother entry from high school into post-secondary transition, or use specific courses as a skills assessment to lay the foundation for your learning.

Pillar 3: Industry

If you’re curious about job options, look to the industry exploration pillar for guidance. Tapping into the latest needs in healthcare, electric vehicle, and even novel technologies like cryptocurrency, these free courses explore the skills required for a variety of sectors to help clarify your career vision or just to get insights into the latest in the industry.

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With practical activities in each free online subject, you’ll get a taste of the applied learning style that sets BCIT apart. After finishing coursework and taking a self-assessment as needed, students receive certification with a printable statement of completion or a digital badge.

Our world is shaped by experts, professionals, and innovators who never stop learning. Join the pursuit of lifelong education and professional development with BCIT Free Online Learning.

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