Four ways BCIT Industry Services can boost your business

The advantages of an education from BCIT are clear for students, but there are also numerous gains to be had for businesses in British Columbia. From consulting with thought leaders on globally relevant training to connecting organizations with learners who are eager to work, our relationship with the business community is generating innovation across the province.

By bringing together a network of students, researchers, companies, and government organizations, we’re creating tools that are directly informed by the industries they’re made for. Here are four ways BCIT Industry Services can help your business thrive.

1. Advance access to the next generation of workers

Our students aren’t just developing skills in the classroom—putting their abilities to work in professional settings is a central part of BCIT’s learning experience. Curriculum is industry-focused and taught by instructors that are experts in their field. These credible resources and hands-on placements result in a diverse talent pool that is able to transition easily into the workforce.

You may choose to host part-time internship or practicum students or fill a temporary full-time role through a co-operative (co-op) education program. For skilled trades, apprenticeships are an ideal way to get students involved on the job site.

Working with students can fill gaps your organization may be experiencing and offer early access to up-and-coming top talent. BCIT is well-equipped to connect businesses with the student work that fits your needs.

2. Solve business challenges

If your organization is facing an operational issue that needs attention, Business Consulting Projects can match a small team of School of Business + Media students to analyze and report on it. Unlike an internship or co-op, where students take on a position within your business, Business Consulting Projects dedicate two to three BCIT students to a specific task for as many hours as needed to find the solution.

Student consulting is advised by a BCIT faculty member and can cover areas such as marketing, human resources, business operations, information technology, and sustainable business. At the end of the consulting work, your organization receives a detailed report and oral presentation on research findings and recommendations on next steps.

More technical fields can also take advantage of the problem solving gleaned from capstone projects or Industry Sponsored Student Projects (ISSPs). Students apply what they’ve learned in school to work through the full lifecycle of industry-related projects in sectors such as engineering or computing.

These opportunities are low-risk, low-cost ways to address challenges and try out emerging talent. Businesses that have used these programs frequently say the results go above and beyond their expectations. And it’s mutually beneficial for the students involved, who get to put their knowledge to the test and acquire job-ready skills in a professional setting.

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3. Bring your ideas to life

See a problem that needs solving or want support to execute a big idea? BCIT is committed to helping move the needle on innovation in Canada—and we know collaboration is the key to getting there.

Applied research can solve challenges for anyone from early stage entrepreneurs to SMEs and established corporations. Often completed through work-integrated learning, capstone projects, or industry sponsored student projects, these opportunities offer practical learning for students and create commercially relevant products and applications—a huge win for the local economy.

When she saw a gap in the dog wheelchair market, Founder and CEO of Dog Quality Ann-Marie Fleming partnered with BCIT MAKE+ research and development team to bring her vision of assistive mobility for dogs to life. Thanks to their collaboration, more senior dogs will be able to live out their golden years in comfort.

4. Customized upskilling for your team

As your business evolves, it’s only natural for teams to do the same. Keeping everyone connected to your company’s purpose amidst change is integral to employee engagement. Giving employees access to upskilling also helps your business innovate and stay ahead of industry challenges.

Interactive learning is one way to stay aligned and ahead of the curve. BCIT corporate and contract training programs cover a range of industries and are tailored to your company’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a lunch-and-learn session or a multi-day immersive workshop, learning is designed to fit your schedule. You can also choose where you learn, be it at your own workplace, on a BCIT campus, or even virtually.

Curriculum is taught on a model of theory, practice, and implementation by expert facilitators with hands-on experience. Employees learn by doing and leave with the confidence to apply new skills right away, driving creativity and productivity.

BCIT services to support your business

No matter what hurdles your business is facing, BCIT offers practical solutions you may not have considered. Explore even more options and find the right industry service for your company or organization here.

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