Specialized training: BCIT partners with Tesla START to meet the growing need for EV service technicians

BCIT partners with Tesla START to meet the growing need for EV service technicians

In support of the need for more electric vehicle (EV) service technicians, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is partnering with Tesla START to offer a specialized electric vehicle training pathway program. This first-of-its-kind program provides students with hands-on and industry-focused skills to become Red Seal Certified Automotive Service Technicians while also offering potential employment with Tesla Service Centers throughout Canada.

Students accepted into this four-year apprenticeship program receive accredited technical training in a blended approach of in-class theory, hands-on labs, and self-paced learning. Each year, students receive eight weeks of training at BCIT before being placed in a sponsored work environment at a Tesla Service Centre in the Lower Mainland.

An annual cohort of the program welcomes up to 12 students per year. With a comprehensive curriculum co-developed by Tesla and BCIT, students learn using cutting-edge technology and from instructors with first-hand experience in the field. The Tesla-specific curriculum includes:

  • Full scope of Red Seal Automotive Service Technician training
  • Tesla history
  • Vehicle product line
  • Electrical fundamentals
  • High voltage safety
  • Tesla diagnostic systems
  • Advanced vehicle diagnostics
  • Tesla chassis and thermal systems
  • Infotainment and firmware
  • Autopilot and driver assistance training
  • Tesla mindset and culture
  • Owner experiences and communication

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In addition to receiving accreditation from BCIT and Tesla, students who successfully complete the program are qualified to take the Red Seal Automotive Service Technician Certification and are invited to jumpstart their career as a Service Technician with Tesla. This accreditation is critical in ensuring students’ job readiness as automotive service technicians in Canada, require EV training and Red Seal Certification.

“This first-of-its-kind training program in Canada reinforces Tesla’s leadership in the electric vehicle industry and the success of BCIT’s applied education in preparing students for job-readiness and a future-proof career,” explained Steve Perry, Dean for the BCIT School of Transportation. “BCIT is excited to be an educational partner with Tesla START in training the next generation of Red Seal Automotive Service Technicians,” said Steve.

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