BCIT partners with Jazz Airlines on fast-track pathway program to support employment in aerospace

As one of Canada’s largest post-secondary aerospace educator, BCIT has partnered with Jazz Airlines’ Jazz Aviation Pathway program (Jazz APP) to provide fast-track employment opportunities for students in the Airline and Flight Operations Commercial Pilot (Fixed-wing) program.

Jazz APP is one of the fastest pathways for students to secure employment as First Officer (co-pilot) in Canada’s aviation industry. BCIT students in their final term of the Airline and Flight Operations Commercial Pilot program are eligible to apply to the Jazz Aviation Pathway program. Selected students are enrolled in Jazz APP and with successful completion of the program, students have the potential to be offered a conditional letter of employment as a First Officer from Jazz Airlines.

This 78-week program begins in May each year and with an annual cohort of up to 30 students. As part of the diploma program, students focus on aviation academics, ground school, and applied flight training throughout the duration of the program.

Students graduate with a diploma from BCIT and the knowledge and competencies needed to qualify for a Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi Engine Rating, and Instrument Flight Rating. Qualifying graduates are then recruited into employment as First Officer with Jazz Airlines.

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“The BCIT Airline and Flight Operations Commercial Pilot program is one of the fastest ways in Canada to qualify for a commercial pilot’s license while attaining a post-secondary diploma,” explains Cheryl Cahill, Department Head, BCIT Aviation programs. “By joining the Jazz Aviation Pathway program, BCIT students have more opportunities to fast-track their career for employment in the aviation industry.”

BCIT has a longstanding reputation of  developing relevant, industry-focused curriculum that prepare students for job-readiness in the aerospace industry. The Airline and Flight Operations Diploma program follows training standards prescribed by both Transport Canada and the aviation industry.

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