From education to employment: Why international students choose BCIT

With nearly 4,000 international students from almost 100 countries, BCIT equips learners around the world for job-readiness. Some may be planning to return home or move to another country and bring what they’ve learned into the global market. For many, international credentials and work experience can result in better job opportunities and higher earning potential. Other foreign students intend to pursue Canadian citizenship, and local education helps them work towards that goal.

Here’s how an applied education from BCIT gets international students on the right path towards employment.

What is applied learning?

Unlike many traditional post-secondary schools, BCIT’s applied learning model means academic studies and physical practice go hand in hand. Instructors who are subject matter experts teach relevant and focused coursework. Then, students take what they’ve learned and apply it within real life applications like labs, shops, co-operative placements, or industry-sponsored projects. In fact, nearly half of your education will happen outside the classroom.

You’ll do more than just read about what happens in your field. You’ll get to put real skills to the test and get familiar with the work environment. That’s why our graduates see employment rates of up to 97%.

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Why a BCIT education is different

Instead of starting off with a broad theoretical overview, BCIT courses are specifically focused on the most functional information. Students are taught by instructors who can offer practical advice thanks to their own firsthand work experience in the subject and in the field.

Most importantly, you’ll get the most value for your time and money. Where some schools may offer thirty credits in a school year, learners at BCIT can complete sixty in the same amount of time. Getting double the knowledge and expertise—without spending double the time or tuition fees—makes a BCIT credential that much more valuable, and our graduates of greater value to potential employers.

BCIT offers learning options for all competencies and schedules. Many international students decide to attend school full-time, dedicating themselves to the intensive program of their choice. Others may want to take a more “à la carte” approach with Flexible Learning, where they can pick and choose stackable evening and weekend courses and make their own schedule, while working part-time.

With over 300 programs at five different campuses, some popular choices for international learners include business, computing, engineering, and more—all leading to well-paying, high-demand jobs. You’ll also have access to highly specialized offerings that aren’t found anywhere else, like the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Technician program taught from our state-of-the-art Aerospace Technology Campus, or the Heavy Duty Truck Technology program at the Annacis Island Campus.

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Finding your place in Canada’s workforce

A little known fact is that many students (up to 70%) with a degree from another university often choose to add an additional diploma from BCIT in order to gain practical skills that will advance their career. Thanks to close partnerships with local businesses, BCIT faculty are at the forefront of the latest technological advancements and sector trends. Close consultation with industry helps evolve our programs as the labour market shifts—and gives our graduates the in-demand skills employers are looking for today.

Hands-on training and real-world job experience allows graduates to start their careers with confidence. As a designated learning institution, BCIT can further support foreign students on the quest for Canadian work experience through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program  (PGWP). Applicants can acquire a PGWP work permit, allowing them to stay and work for up to three years before applying for permanent residency, if they plan to make Canada their home.

With a variety of resources and community support available, BCIT is ready to help students from across the globe to continue their educational journey. Find the program that’s right for you and learn more about studying at BCIT as an international student.

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