BCIT launches Digital Health Advanced Certificate to support upskilling in a digital healthcare era

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with the implementation of innovative technologies such as electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine, and e-prescribing. In response to these technological advances in the healthcare system, BCIT launched a new Digital Health Advanced Certificate program to support the growing need for healthcare professionals to upskill for emerging roles in the field of digital health.

The Digital Health Advanced Certificate is an online and part-time program for healthcare professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge, skills, and competencies in the application of digital health and informatics. The program offers knowledge and skills related to the clinical translation of standards, technology, and information solutions across systems; the use and measurement of clinical data and outcomes; project management and collaborative change leadership. Students who complete the program are job-ready for informatics roles, inform practice, shift culture, and create forward momentum on large-scale digital health initiatives in their places of work.

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“We have worked closely over the last year with informatics practice leaders across BC and Canada to ensure that the program we are offering meets the current and anticipated needs of the healthcare system,” explains Glynda Rees, Program Head, Digital Health, School of Health Sciences. “Graduates from this flexible and dynamic program will be equipped with the tools and strategies needed to inform and advance digital health practice so as to improve health outcomes for patients, families, and communities.”

BCIT School of Health Sciences offers a breadth and depth of applied and industry-focused health education unmatched by other post-secondary institutes. The Digital Health Advanced Certificate program furthers BCIT’s leadership in upskilling health professionals who are critical to the cornerstone of BC’s healthcare system. In an era of digital transformation, this program is critical to building digital care capacity that ensures optimized and improved healthcare services for patients and families across communities.

Learn more about the BCIT Digital Health Advanced Certificate program.

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    • Hello Emilio. With the right combination of academic credentials and experience, LPNs may be considered for the program. If you are interested we suggest you fill in the online application form to determine suitability for the program.


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