‘Tidy Ted’ joins the custodial team at the new Health Sciences Centre

BCIT is welcoming the latest innovative autonomous cleaning robot to campus. Tidy Ted will be arriving to patrol the corridors of the new Health Sciences Centre, keeping the floors clean and polished.

Tidy Ted was introduced by BEST Service Pros to service BCIT’s Burnaby Campus. BEST is BCIT’s custodial contractor who deliver cleaning services to all six campuses, plus Student Housing.

Students, faculty, and staff from the School of Health Sciences were part of a competition to name the robot, with Tidy Ted narrowly beating out The Health Zamboni and Scrubbotamus.

Tidy Ted’s full name is actually T380AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber. The T380 is designed to provide robotic floor cleaning, while working safely alongside faculty, staff and students. This is particularly important in the Health Sciences Centre.

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance custodial while aligning with digitization and technology.” Joanne Turnbull, Manager, Custodial Services, BCIT.

Joanne Turnbull, Manager, BCIT Custodial Services, said, “We’re always looking for ways to enhance custodial while aligning with digitization and technology. Our Facilities team were excited when BEST suggested bringing the T380 to BCIT.”

“BCIT and BEST have always worked collaboratively to implement the latest equipment and technology. Tidy Ted is another innovative and sustainable piece of equipment that will keep BCIT clean and safe for its students and faculty. Tidy Ted works alongside our team to keep the Health Sciences Centre spotless, and it does so by simply using electrically charged water without any chemicals. Tidy Ted can charge quickly and run quicker, allowing our team to be more productive to focus on high-priority areas,” said Greg Bratland, COO, BEST.

To make sure Ted stands out, the School of Health Sciences voted to choose a custom wrap design. The team from BEST fitted Ted for his new look on November 25.

Treena Cardiff, Associate Dean, Diagnostics and Advanced Practice, BCIT School of Health Sciences, added, “From a health perspective, Tidy Ted will help to keep floors clean and dry to prevent falls and decrease the spread of contaminants.”

One of the features of the Health Sciences Centre, which opened this year, is the large amount of wide corridors which open to social and study spaces over four floors. Ted will be put to good use to autonomously clean these spaces!

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Tidy Ted gets a new look to join the Custodial Team

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