A flexible learning pathway to the BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration

BCIT is home to one of the largest business and media schools in Western Canada. With the workforce rapidly evolving, industries across sectors need skilled professionals who have well-rounded business acumen to think critically and strategically in solving complex challenges faced by organizations. In response to this, the School of Business + Media created a pathway program to its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree that offers a flexible and fast-track option for skilled professionals to broaden their business skills and knowledge.

The BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration program is intended for BCIT diploma graduates, specifically those in trades, who want to expand on the breadth of their business skills and knowledge. As well as to elevate their critical and strategic thinking for success in their chosen field.

Program graduates have an array of career options when they graduate. Many are equipped with job-readiness to become managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, or community changemakers.

As this BBA degree is offered both full-time and part-time, students taking the program part-time have the flexibility of completing it at their own pace, which usually takes two to three years. Courses are offered year-round, in three equal terms (Fall, Winter, Spring), as well as online and distributed learning (combining in-class and online).

“The BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration program offers a flexible upskilling option for BCIT diploma graduates to develop the business acumen needed to lead in their industry,” said Steve Yallouz, Interim Associate Dean, Business Administration. “In a time of intense labour challenges, this fast-track program will ensure timely training to support the development of a skilled workforce in BC.”

From Automotive Service Technician to graduating from the BBA program

In the Spring of 2022, David Ni became the first BCIT student to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration program upon laddering from the BCIT Automotive Service Technician (ASTO) diploma. David completed his ASTO diploma in December 2020, where he learned the expertise needed to be a skilled vehicle technician. He then completed the required bridging courses in time to enter the full-time BBA program in the Fall of 2021.

David’s dream was to continue his parents’ automotive services company and one day take over the family-run business. The BBA has provided David with the critical thinking skills and business management acumen to immediately assume an impactful role in continuing his father’s legacy. His technical skills, coupled with his broad business knowledge, have ensured that the family business will continue to grow and be sustainable for the foreseeable future.

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BCIT Business + Media is committed to enriching the lives of learners by reducing barriers to learning. There are many flexible learning opportunities to ladder work experiences and prior education into a Bachelor of Business Administration program. Learn more about the BCIT BBA Pathway program.

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  1. Hi I’m doing a diploma practicum business administration management was wondering once I transfer credits will I be able to participate in the 12 month BBA program without any other courses or diploma left to do since I already have a business diploma


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