Ask BCIT Alumni: Ajit Amar, Branch Manager for RBC Royal Bank

During the BCIT Financial Association Industry Round Table Event in April, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Ajit Amar, Branch Manager for the Newton Branch for RBC Royal Bank. Ajit graduated from BCIT in 2001 with a Financial Management Diploma and, in 2005, completed his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

He enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, spending quality time with friends and family, and being super competitive when playing board games during his spare time. Like any Vancouverite, he enjoys spending time outdoors for walks, hikes, and activities with his kids.

What made you decide to take the Financial Management Diploma and why at BCIT?

I had heard that the program prepares students for careers in finance, and I had a passion for wanting to help others achieve their goals & dreams by providing financial advice. I chose BCIT because I heard teachers and other trusted individuals speak highly of BCIT as a job-ready school. You get to work collaboratively in a team environment, which speaks to how you will engage and interact in the workforce.

How did you land your current role and job?

I worked my way through RBC in various roles, picking up different experiences: Client Advisor, Banking Advisor, Financial Advisor, Assistant Branch Manager, and my current role of Branch Manager. These experiences helped me better understand how we help our clients, work with different roles within the bank, and collaboratively work as One Team. These roles gave me additional learnings and skills to succeed in my current position.

What qualities must one possess to succeed as a financial advisor?

Self-driven, motivated, focused, hardworking, and willing to invest in oneself by learning how to engage with technology and clients.

Any advice you can share with students in managing their finances?

Different financial institutions offer many digital tools, but the simplest thing is to have a budget – know your fixed and variable expenses, what you can do to increase your savings, and save with a purpose or goal. RBC offers a variety of tools; one is NOMI find and keep.

What advice can you give BCIT students to succeed in networking?

  1. Take the opportunity to connect with many industry professionals; you never know which conversation will open up opportunities.
  2. Tell your story – Who you are, what you have done, and what you’re about.
  3. Share your passion about what drives you as an individual
  4. Be curious and open to learning.
  5. Know what you want to gain from the networking; what is your purpose?

What is your biggest why?

My why (for the role I have at work) is to work with clients and make a difference in their lives in achieving their dreams and goals, and with my team to help them continue along their career journey to develop further and grow and move on to bigger and better opportunities.

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