Fiercely competitive projects win big at the 2022 BCIT Student Innovation Challenge

The BCIT Student Innovation Challenge, now in its 13th year, announced the 2022 winners at the awards ceremony that took place on May 25, 2022 at the Burnaby campus.

This annual contest attracts students with bright ideas and provides guidance, encouragement, and funding from industry and faculty to support students in realizing their vision.

The 2022 challenge was fiercely competitive with 61 students from five schools, 11 different programs, 14 industry partners, and 11 faculty mentors competing for prizes.

“Every year, I was amazed at the quality of innovative projects the students submit,” says Dr. Kim Dotto, Dean, Applied Research. “The Student Innovation Challenge provides the incentive, but the innovation comes from connecting students’ bright ideas with faculty and industry to help make it a reality.”

*This is the first year we had a tie for first place, (down to the decimal point), combining first and second prizes, two first-place winners were announced.

First Place ($3,250)*

  • The first team for 1st prize in Applied Research Category was awarded to Denise Chew, Aeden McClain, Brittany Lo, Aidan Thomlinson, Victor Ly, Bhupinder Thind, Jessica Hong, Kyle Wu, Spencer Loren, Brian Card, Edgar Coime, Jordan Godau, Katherine Marie Olaguer, April Tsang, Giwoun Bae and Nicholas Johnston, School Of Computing and Academic Studies for “EMA YVR Water Monitoring” – using IoT to monitor water quality at YVR, 24/7, in real-time.
  • The second team for 1st prize for Applied Research went to Kieran Bako, Lucas Hall, Kristian Neilsen and Matthew Peeters from the School of Energy for “Searchlight Scanner” – a GoPro camera and advanced AI-based image processing algorithms scan for the lost hikers, in real-time.

First Place ($5000)

  • Entrepreneurship Category: Kariffe Phillips, Hussan Sarwar and Harsimar Makkar from the School of Energy for “Campus-Wide Computer Repair” –helping to reduce the cost of computer repairs and servicing for students, faculty and staff.
  • Sustainability Category: Aleks Zawadzki, Eric Cheng, David Tang and Mo Amirian from the School of Energy for “Undersea Laboratory” – a novel device built to investigate water conditions and marine life, with minimal environmental impact.

Second Place ($1,500)

  • Entrepreneurship category: Sara Wasim, Adam Siyala, Linda Nguyen, Jamie Samuel, and Matteo Miceli from the School of Computing and Academic Studies for “Minerva” – a one-of-a-kind text editor for developers that makes writing markdown easy.
  • Sustainability category:  Nicholas Tsang, Adam van der Goes, Joseph Yu,  and Douglas Zheng, from the School of Energy for “Energy Balance Measurement” – to provide BCIT the tools for implementing energy-saving initiatives in Air Handing Units across campus.

Third Place ($500)

  • Applied Research category:  Jason Zhang, Joby Matwick, Gary Huang, Yao Li from the School of Energy for “Data Sock” – a product that can be used by clinicians to help diagnose and treat diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Entrepreneurship category:  Matt Hardwick and Steven Palfrey from the School of Business and Media for “Chickadee Invest” – a web app for buying, trading, and selling for fractional shares of commercial real estate.
  • The Sustainability category: Anna Okorokov from the School of Business and Media for “Burgess 21”, a fashion line that utilizes sustainably made fabrics (from cactus) with existing clothing to create new products.

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Huge thank you to our 2022 sponsors: JTS Consulting Inc., Futurpreneur, Odlum Brown, EB Horsman and Son, ITIQ Recruiters, Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc., Westland Insurance Group Ltd, and EllisDon Corporation – due to their combined support, $21,000 was awarded to these nine bright and talented BCIT student groups. Thank you, Donald Yen, a BCIT donor, for the Sustainability award this year.

Also thank you to our judges for the initial round: Brent Dunn, Cynthia Van Ginkel, Richard Haire, Naveen Jit, Jonathan Bassan, Joe Boyd, Carol Wenzel, and Judy Findlay; and to industry pitch round judges Travis Stevenson JTS Consulting Inc., Robin MacLaughan, EllisDon and Daniel Murphy, Odlum Brown.


The BCIT Student Innovation Challenge is an annual contest aimed at providing support, encouragement, and funding to BCIT students who have “bright ideas”. Since its founding, the Student Innovation Challenge has inspired interesting and innovative student projects. The Challenge is managed by the Applied Research Liaison Office in collaboration with BCIT Schools, and the Student Association Entrepreneurial Services.


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