New BCIT Building Energy Modelling program to help prepare industry for net-zero ready buildings by 2030

Building energy modelling has become an important part of the building design process, and qualified practitioners are needed to meet the demand. The new, part-time BCIT Building Energy Modelling and Performance Analysis (BEMPA)  Advanced Certificate program will help prepare industry for net-zero ready buildings by 2030. Graduates of this program are expected to be hired as building energy performance analysts, BEM managers or BEM specialists.

The program is offered via part-time studies and course-by-course registration. The aim of this program is to prepare graduates as proficient building energy modelers and to improve the state of practice among current industry practitioners. Energy modelling has been a part of the building code for more than a decade, however, with Canada’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, the importance of this multipurpose building tool is more pronounced than ever.

The building industry-relevant field includes architectural design, interior design, construction management, environment engineering, renewable and sustainable energy engineering, building HVAC system technology, electrical engineering and lighting design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and civil engineering.

This program is designed for building industry practitioners with a diploma or degree in a relevant field who are interested in learning about or updating their knowledge and skills in building energy modelling and performance analysis. All the courses will be arranged in the evening of weekdays and/or daytime of weekends allowing students to complete this program while continuing to work in industry. The courses will also be delivered by well-established industry experts through a combination of lectures and in-class labs so that students can integrate theoretical knowledge with practical applications, gain first-hand industry knowledge, and be better prepared for their careers.

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