Ask a Woman in Engineering: Why did you choose BCIT?

Each year, BCIT delivers innovative, hands-on education that meets the evolving needs of industry to nearly 45,000 students across five campuses. In addition to our accredited training in the four areas of engineering, BCIT is the only place in Western Canada where you can graduate with the Bachelor of Engineering in Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering, Master of Engineering in Building Science, and Master of Applied Science in Building Engineering/Building Science.

As we round out National Engineering Month and work towards a more inclusive profession by 2030, here’s what BCIT’s women in engineering have to say about why they chose BCIT.

Kate Viger, student, Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering

BCIT Women in Engineering
Kate Viger

“I chose BCIT because of the Mineral Resource and Mining Engineering program. My brother went to BCIT for carpentry so the Institute was on my radar, but it was the program that drew me in. After my first year, I got a work connection from one of my instructors! And because my courses were so applicable, I became a valuable contractor with the skills needed to succeed. The continued support and encouragement for work experience keeps me at BCIT and inspires me to continue working hard.”


Jenny Tung, alumna, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

BCIT Women in Engineering
Jenny Tung

“I chose BCIT because of its tough curriculum, reputable name, and high rate of employment. Only 50 percent of our original starting class graduated together. Employers know the Institute has high expectations of students. At the end of the day, if you make it out of BCIT you have already accomplished what 50 percent couldn’t.”



Remya Sreenath, B.Tech, P.Eng., faculty, Electrical Engineering & Technology

BCIT Women in Engineering
Remya Sreenath

“Six years ago when I chose to teach at BCIT, I was hoping for an experience that would satisfy two sides in me: the professional engineer who wants to provide services to society and the continuous learner looking to stay up to date with evolving technologies. I am glad I made the right decision.”



Alyssa Hermann, EIT, M.Eng., alumna, Civil Engineering

BCIT Women in Engineering
Alyssa Hermann

“The people of BCIT inspired me to choose BCIT. In high school, I met an enthusiastic and supportive instructor at Big Info, who invited me to sit in on classes for two days. I met students who were engaged with their studies, saw lectures from instructors who believed in their work and their students, and saw for myself the difference a hands-on education can make!”



Sirine Maalej, Ph.D, P.Eng, faculty, Mechanical Engineering

BCIT Women in Engineering
Sirine Maalej

“I chose BCIT because of its good reputation and the unique training and work environment it offers. Since I joined three years ago, BCIT has continuously supported my work and initiatives. Innovative ideas, programs, and processes are encouraged at BCIT. I like how the Institute supports and believes in the talents it hires and the students it trains.”



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