BCIT launches Master of Engineering in Smart Grid Systems and Technologies

In an era of global climate change, there is growing demand for sustainability and carbon-neutrality to be at the forefront of business strategies, innovation, and industry. Across Canada, smart grids are widely adopted to ensure safe and efficient delivery of power in an environmentally responsible manner – helping municipalities and energy providers advance their sustainability goals. As a result, new job opportunities are emerging for skilled talent required to implement smart grid technologies.

With over 15 years of industry-led, world-class applied research initiatives related to smart grids, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is pleased to introduce the Master of Engineering in Smart Grid Systems and Technologies (MEng SGST) program. This part-time, hands-on program aims to support industry professionals in upskilling to ensure they have the interdisciplinary knowledge and relevant skills to be job-ready for the changing demands of the energy industry.

Upskilling for in-demand, emerging clean jobs across Canada

Applied learning and industry expertise are core to this program and in creating an educational platform that reflects real-world settings. Learners have access to advanced infrastructure and systems, such as Canada’s very first utility-grade smart microgrid constructed by BCIT in collaboration with major utility companies across the country. As well, the curriculum is developed in close consultation with industry leaders and taught by industry experts in their field.

The program offers interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, including those from electrical power systems, computer science, and information and communications technology (ICT). It also delivers an understanding of foundational concepts involved in smart grid technologies employed in critical infrastructure, including applications in renewable energies, green transportation, and smart cities.

Learners who complete the program not only develop the competencies required to conduct research, plan, design, implement, maintain, commission, and operate smart grid systems and applications in the electric utility and related sectors, but also build industry connections and work experience to jumpstart the next stage of their career.

BCIT is accepting applicants for the first cohort of the Master of Engineering in Smart Grid Systems and Technologies program. Learn more about the program.


The Honourable Anne Kang, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Training

“The students of today will be leading the way for a stronger, more sustainable future. In support of CleanBC’s goals to build a low-carbon economy with new clean energy jobs, BCIT’s new Master’s program will help give students the skills they need to start a career path that will benefit the whole province.”

The Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

“This is a wonderful new program offered through BCIT that will help people gain the practical skills and expertise they need to secure good jobs in the clean economy. As we move to a net-zero emissions future using more clean, renewable energy, smart grids will become increasingly important as we find innovative and cost-effective ways of powering our economy. This program will create new opportunities for people which is a critical part of our CleanBC plan for a cleaner, stronger future.”

Dr. Hassan Farhangi, Director, SMART Department, BCIT

“The BCIT Master of Engineering in Smart Grid Systems and Technologies demonstrates the strength of this Institute in providing an applied education to upskill industry professionals for careers that support the evolving workforce. Smart grids foster innovation, facilitate renewable energy generation, and create new job opportunities – critical to the future of electricity demand and the economic prosperity of BC and Canada.”

Kip Morison, Chief Information Officer, BC Hydro

“Educational programs associated with the development of Smart Grids are a key component in helping Canada maintain its leadership in clean energy and the green economy. BCIT should be applauded for its applied research and training initiatives in this domain and the new MEng in SGDT should be regarded as an important step in that direction.”

Faisal Kazi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Canada Limited

“Siemens Canada is actively engaged in training the future workforce and a long-term supporter of BCIT’s Applied Research and Training Programs in Smart Grids. BCIT’s MEng in Smart Grid Systems and Technology provides an important educational platform for sharing important research results to the industry.”

Dr. Tilman Thrum, Managing Principal, Power and Dams, Western Canada, Stantec

“As a leading player in critical infrastructure consulting and system design domain, Stantec believes postgraduate training programs such as BCIT’s MEng in SGST are the key in addressing applied and interdisciplinary skillset gaps which exist in our labor market. Stantec has been involved and supported BCIT’s efforts in designing this unique and important initiative for BC and Canada.”

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3 thoughts on “BCIT launches Master of Engineering in Smart Grid Systems and Technologies”

  1. This sounds like an excellent program. Your Province and City of Vancouver is much more progressive than the rest of Western Canada. Please keep in mind, DO NOT SEEK UNIVERSITY STATUS, as you will become a Research Intensive University like a UBC or SFU. Right now, placing yourself between a 2 year polytechnic and a 4 Year University, you have an excellent opportunity cost (comparative advantage) in that you can offer the best of both. Your 2 + 2, ie. 2 year diploma and then 2 more years to get a Bachelors’ degree is an absolutely excellent avenue that has and will produce amazing graduates. Please do not change or give your status. The fact that your NOT a University, the faculty can spend more time with students, producing really well grounded graduates, that will be doing some amazing things for years to come. Also your programs are complelety focused on subject matter without any peripheral subjects that can be distracting.


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