A virtual celebration for BCIT Nursing students entering the healthcare community

Mid-December is the end of examination period for most BCIT students but for 85 Level 6 Bachelor of Science in Nursing students, this marked the completion of their program and the start of their career as an essential worker in our healthcare community. As BCIT is a major provincial contributor of nurses and applied health professionals within the BC healthcare system, we know firsthand the hard work and dedication required from our healthcare workers each day. This class of Nursing graduates demonstrated these traits well before they even entered the workforce.

In recognition of the resilience, intelligence, compassion, and dedication of these soon-to-be-nurses and BCIT alumni, the BCIT School of Health Sciences organized an impromptu virtual celebration event on December 15 with faculty, friends, and family in attendance.

BCIT Nursing Celebration
A virtual celebration event was organized to congratulate 85 Nursing students who completed their program in December 2020

BCIT Health Sciences Dean Lisa Chu and faculty members congratulated the class for their remarkable perseverance and commitment in completing the final term of their program amidst COVID-19. As well, their professionalism and compassion to serve the community when they journey ahead from BCIT.

Adding to the celebration, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier John Horgan shared their congratulatory messages for the class.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge for celebrating accomplishments like this one, it does not diminish the hard work that it took for you to reach this stage. You are a part of the future of our incredible healthcare system, and your compassion and commitment to service will make a positive difference on our country,” shared in a letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “To nurses from coast to coast to coast, thank you for your hard work and many sacrifices.”

“As we continue to adapt and innovate, your dedication to serving our communities is most heartening. You have chosen a selfless career, providing care and support to our ailing and vulnerable — and you have done so during one of the most challenging times in BC’s history. British Columbians see the sacrifices you are making, your incredible strength and compassion, and it is inspiring,” shared in the congratulatory letter from Premier John Horgan. “I would like to commend the faculty organizers for bringing this virtual celebration to fruition. To the 85 [students]— nurses were heroes long before this pandemic began, and you will continue to be heroes long after we’ve come out of this extraordinary time. On behalf of all British Columbians, I thank you for fearlessly joining the frontline.”

Health authority representatives and Nursing alumna Christina Dixon also joined the virtual celebration to share their words of wisdom and congratulations to the class.

Steve Campbell is one of the 85 Nursing students celebrating this incredible accomplishment. “It’s hard to believe that three years have gone by already — a lot has changed since then. This program forces us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We are constantly pushed out of our comfort zone and we have overcome so much adversity along the way — such as transitioning online when COVID-19 hit and preserving through preceptorship in the midst of a public health crisis,” he shared. “On our path, we’ve encountered some amazing teachers. We’ve established important relationships and made lifelong friends. And now we move on — on to make a difference in the lives of our patients, a difference in our professional, and a difference in our community.”

Congratulations to our 85 students in the Bachelor of Nursing program! We thank you for joining the frontline and our 190,000 BCIT alumni who are making a positive impact in countless industries in BC and around the globe. We wish you all the best!

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