Changing careers? These Flexible Learning courses can help you pivot quickly

Workplaces today may be unlike anything we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any employment opportunities out there. Our digitally connected world allows people to continue working in productive, meaningful careers even in the midst of economic uncertainty.

There are myriad ways to future-proof your career and shift to more relevant, resilient, or digitally-enabled fields. All you need is the right training.

BCIT provides that practical training, along with industry connections—all at the comfort of your own pace and needs. With Flexible Learning (formerly Part-time Studies), you have the option of upskilling from a part-time course, microcredential, industry service, or Free Online Learning course. With a variety of part-time courses available in the areas of applied and natural sciences, business and media, computing and IT, engineering, health sciences, and trades and apprenticeships, you can build on your education to suit your needs, one step at a time.

Flexible Learning offers short, stackable digital badges and microcredentials so that it makes it possible for students, graduates, and working professionals to get the credentials needed to support in-demand jobs across industries. With that in mind, here’s a sample of some of the programs that can help hone your toolkit for today’s world.

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Applied Software Development

BCIT Part-time Studies
Organizations rely on programmers like never before.

Some people write in code rather than words—and in a world where workplaces are likely to be in cyberspace, organizations rely on programmers like never before. The Associate Certificate in Applied Software Development (ASD) is the first step to take in laddering into the part-time Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma and may be taken concurrently with Applied Computer Information Systems (ACIS). As ASD offers a comprehensive introduction to programming languages and systems analysis, this is an ideal course to start with if you have no background with programming languages or want to eventually pursue the Computer Systems Certificate.

Automotive Collision Repair/Refinish Technician and Automotive Mechanics

Fixing automobiles is a skill that continues to pay dividends no matter the context. If you’re interested in accumulating knowledge and professional credentials at your own pace, consider Flexible Learning at BCIT to become an automotive collision repair and refinish technician. The selection of six courses teach structural diagnostics, volatile organic compounds handling, sheet metal fabrication, and welding.

Likewise, BCIT offers a catalogue of courses to aid you in shifting your career to automotive mechanics. Each course you complete becomes an applicable skill and experience to list on your resumé, rather than working towards a fixed certificate or diploma. This allows you to take as many or as few in order to fit your personal needs, goals, and growth.

Cardiology Technology

The pandemic has truly shown that healthcare workers are critical to supporting communities. BCIT is proud to offer a Cardiology Technology Diploma accredited and approved by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists. This part-time program combines online study with onsite skills-focused training to prepare you for your future career. And to help cultivate your professional network, the program also includes 26 weeks of placements in hospitals.

Commercial Transport

Much like our everyday cars and trucks, commercial vehicles need regular maintenance, too. That’s why, as part of our Motive Power division, we offer training in Commercial Transport. From servicing air brakes to inspecting commercial vehicles, our selection of courses prepares you for work in this dynamic field and helps you earn professional qualifications with Red Seal Endorsement.

Even in the midst of change, you can be certain of one thing: BCIT offers a wide range of part-time programs to help you level up your skills, adapt to change, and forge a new path forward whether you’re in school or in the workforce. 

Computer Aided Design

BCIT Part-time Studies
Computer aided design is a versatile skill set.

Computer aided design is a versatile skill set that’s increasingly necessary across industries, especially in this new era of virtualization. BCIT offers Flexible Learning courses that will equip learners with the skills they need to transition into this field—or if you find you’d like to pursue this subject full-time, they can count towards an Associate Certificate in Computer Aided Design.

Computer Information Systems

Since businesses can no longer function without technology, they can’t function without their IT specialists. This field is as future-proof as they come, which is why BCIT provides part-time courses in Computer Information Systems for aspiring professionals. You can study to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, a Cisco Certified Network Professional, or a Network Administration Technician.


BCIT Part-time Studies
BCIT offers a part-time Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma program.

No amount of social, economic, or environmental change is going to alter the world’s need for geomatics—the practice of mapping and surveying. Whether you’re interested in prospecting for natural resources, understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change, or planning for land use and development, BCIT offers a part-time Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma to empower professionals in this growing field.

Human Resource Management

In a time when workforces and workplaces are in flux, organizations of all kinds need human resources teams to help employees adjust, follow new rules and protocols, and create a positive and rewarding experience for everyone. 

The Associate Certificate in Human Resource Management is a part-time option consisting of seven courses, all of which can be completed online. The program can lead to additional diplomas or degrees if that’s your goal—but with a curriculum designed for industry and instructors who are respected HR professionals, students who obtain the associate certificate will be workforce ready.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Foundations in Occupational Health and Safety Associate Certificate is the best starting place for those interested in moving into a career in occupational health and safety. It combines your passion for keeping workers safe with technical training, skills, and knowledge of the industry. You’ll graduate with job-readiness to  obtain an entry level safety position.

Project Management

Part-time Studies at BCIT
Project management skills are a must have in almost any workplace.

Project management skills are a must have in almost any workplace—whether remote or in-office. That’s why BCIT offers the Associate Certificate in Project Management, a part-time program for those interested in this in-demand field. 

For those interested in gaining a professional designation, the program also prepares you for the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification exam. Flexible, short-duration workshops are available as well, enabling students to dive deep into project management topics to earn additional credentials.

Sustainable Energy Management

Speaking of climate change, governments, businesses, and NGOs are focusing on going green. The Sustainable Energy Management Advanced Certificate is an online, part-time program born of a joint commitment between BCIT, BC Hydro, FortisBC, and Natural Resources Canada. It primes students to become experts in energy efficiency, and to lead the way in transforming how we power our society.

Technical Writing

Innovative organizations are transforming industries and economies, and they need clear, concise communicators to help translate their ideas into words. The Associate Certificate in Technical Writing equips you for this versatile and highly sought-after position, with 11 courses that you can take virtually and a curriculum you can complete at your own pace.

Even in the midst of change, you can be certain of one thing: BCIT offers a wide range of Flexible Learning programs to help you upskill for an in-demand job to support the Canadian workforce.

Registration for winter (Jan-March 2023) Flexible Studies courses is now open. Preview for the spring-summer term will be available Friday, February 17, 2023.

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