COVID-19 Go Forward Plan – Program Delivery Modes

Jennifer Figner, BCIT Associate Vice President Integration and Implementation provides an update on the academic portion of the BCIT COVID-19 Go Forward plan, including the Fall 2020 Program Delivery Modes and more information on blended learning models.

As we announced last week, just over half of BCIT programs will be delivered fully online this Fall, while some programs and courses that include components that require hands-on learning will move forward in a blended learning model. Where that is the case, faculty will be notifying students on program webpages that some attendance on our campuses is required. We are developing remote and in-person solutions specific to the unique needs of programs and are taking all measures to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from a BCIT credential.

As decisions continue to be made, the program delivery document will be updated to reflect new information. Please continue to check for updates on this document or on your program web page, which you can access by searching with Program Finder. BCIT looks forward to continuing to support your learning throughout the fall term.

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