The Bauhaus Exhibit at BCIT

Students and faculty from the BCIT School of Construction and the Environment and Germanys HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts with Dr Klaus Schmidt Consul General of Germany in Vancouver

The Bauhaus Exhibit celebrates the innovative approach to design and architecture developed at the Bauhaus Art School. Thank you to the German Consul General Dr. Schmidt and the staff of the Consulate General of Germany in Vancouver with the support of Thomas Kauertz, HAWK – University of Applied Science and Arts for the opportunity to showcase the incredible Bauhaus photographs for BCIT Architectural Science and Interior Design faculty, staff and students to appreciate. Special thanks to BCIT Interior Design faculty Kathryn Lange and Robin McIntosh and team for coordinating this.

Bauhaus literally means “construction house”. The Bauhaus Art School was established in the early 20th century and was founded by Walter Gropius. The School eventually morphed into its own modern art movement characterized by its unique approach to architecture and design. Today, Bauhaus is renowned for both its unique aesthetic that inventively combines the fine arts with arts and crafts as well as its enduring influence on modern and contemporary art.

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