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My name is Sarah and I am a second-year BCIT student studying Interior Design. During these two years I have been living on-campus in the Maquinna Residence. In this blog post I will be talking about my experience living in residence, as well as, how to apply to become a Residence Advisor for the 2019/2020 school year.

I am originally from Victoria, BC and moved to Vancouver just under two years ago. As moving into residence was my first time living away from home, at first I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Overall, living in residence has been a really enjoyable experience! Its great to be part of a community of students who are pursuing various programs at BCIT. Living on residence, you are able to make a bunch of friends as well as participate in various residence-wide activities. Over my time living on residence, I have participated in events such as “The Res. Race” (which is an event set up similar to the ‘Amazing Race’ tv show), I have also participated in several dinners, Bingo and trivia nights, as well as numerous movie nights.

While living on residence, you live in a house along with 11 other students. For each set of houses, there’s a Residence Advisor who lives in an apartment above.

What exactly is an RA? (for more information refer to webpage as well)

Being an RA comes with many different jobs and tasks. Residence Advisors are students (or alumni) who provide all kinds of support to the students living on campus.

Residence Advisors are many things. They are resource people, counselors, role models, activity coordinators, and building managers!

They are approachable, resourceful and very good listeners. When in need, they are your “go to” person. When you move into Maquinna, they’ll be one of the first people you’ll meet.

This past week, the Housing Office at BCIT’s Maquinna Residence started its RA Recruitment in the search for a new RA team for the 2019/2020 school year.

Apply to become a Residence Advisor and…

  • Become an impactful leader
  • Strengthen your communication, teamwork, and conflict management skills
  • Gain valuable work experiences that you can add to your resume
  • Support students living in housing residence by fostering a positive, safe, and academically-oriented community
  • Meet new friends and have fun!

This opportunity is open to all BCIT students and alumni. Compensation package includes your own apartment and a $4,000 honorarium.

As I said previously, living on Residence is a really enjoyable experience. Being a Residence Advisor is an amazing opportunity, and if its something that you think you would be interested in, I encourage you to apply!

Want more information on becoming an RA?

Join us for an information session: Wednesday, January 30th at 6:30pm at the Housing Office (SW11), Burnaby Campus.

Checkout this website:

Please keep in mind that you must apply before February 15, 2019!

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