How BCIT MAKE+ has helped a $699M US-based Healthcare Company

For more than a decade, BCIT MAKE+, a BC-based research lab, has more than 1,900 research hours logged, 5 prototypes built, 6 project requests filed, 37 clinical volunteers recruited, and more than $185,000 worth of projects billed for a large US-based Healthcare Company worth $699 million.

Why a company worth $699 million would choose BCIT MAKE+?

“We have found it very beneficial collaborating with BCIT for over 10 years now. Our company would highly recommend the talented MAKE+ team as they provide exceptional quality in applied research services,” says MAKE+ Healthcare client.

The relationship started when Nancy Paris, MAKE+ Director, along with the Associate Director of the Dr. Tong Louie Living Laboratory, went to the Marcus Evans Medical Device R&D Summit in Palm Springs in November 2006 to pitch MAKE+ human factors expertise to the Vice President of this large Healthcare Company. Shortly after the meeting in Palm Springs, the Company started working with BCIT MAKE+.

“The human factor expertise of MAKE+ was of great interest to this client and although they could choose any other global partner, they chose BCIT,” says Nancy Paris, Director MAKE+.

“Our decade of partnership with this Company demonstrates our value to this industry leader.”

The success of the collaboration

The first collaborative project was initiated on January 1, 2008. The success has developed into a long term relationship between BCIT MAKE+ and this US-based high profile Healthcare Company. The success was so large and profitable that we are unable to disclose their Company name due to the secret nature of their research and the risk of it being leaked to their competitors.

Since then, six projects have been completed.

Heading up the research is BCIT’s MAKE+ Dr. Yvette Jones, who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Kinetics specializing in biomechanics, exercise physiology, orthotics, running mechanics, ergonomic assessment, medical device development, and product evaluation.

“From prototype development to user experience research, we have made an impact on the development of health care products during the last 10 years of collaboration” says Dr. Yvette Jones, MAKE+ Project Leader.

“We will continue to help this Company succeed in their industry.”

MAKE+ Team Participants

Thom Bellaire, Chris Cambon (LTC), Christine Flegal, Matt Greig, Ernie Janzen, Yvette Jones, Brian Keane, Nancy Knaggs, Dan Leland, Johanne Mattie, Joe Newton, Angie Wong

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