Nautical Sciences Co-op Program

For the past nine months, I have been a part of the Nautical Sciences Co-op Program at BCIT. Throughout the four years of schooling, you are taught how to become an officer on a ship of over 500 gross tons. So the really big ships that sail on our amazing sea. There are a few other nautical schools in Canada that have the bridge officer training. However, BCIT students are sought after as the shipping companies know that they will be getting high quality officers. For instance, many students that started in the Nautical Sciences program, are now Captains and the number is only growing.

First, you start out with six months of theory at the Marine Campus located in North Vancouver. We have an incredible view as the school is located right by the water, giving you a perfect view of Vancouver’s beautiful harbour.

Then, once you have been given a basic overview of seamanship, you are able to go on your first sea phase. Yes, part of your schooling is to travel! I could not believe this when I found out. Not only that but you get paid for it as well. Learning about such interesting systems on a ship while you get to see the world. This was a no brainer for me to apply to the Nautical Sciences program. I had no idea that such program even existed up until about two years ago. I loved every minute of the theory part at BCIT. A lot of people find school boring but when you are learning how to navigate by the stars, how to read the weather, become a security officer, fire fighter, first aid specialist, deck repair specialist, master of human relations and so much more. As you can see, there is no room for boring in any of these subjects of study.

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