New Life at BCIT Blogger: Alexandra Fraser

Hello! My name is Alexandra but most people call me Alex.

I have been at BCIT for a few years as I started out in the Finance program in 2015 and completed the first year of the diploma. About three quarters of the way through the program, I started looking into the Broadcast and Online Journalism Program and decided to apply to the program the following year.

After reading the course outline I realized that it aligned well with the passions I have. I will be talking more about the program in this post.

Outside of school I volunteer for my church and I help plan the activities for the young adults. This includes regional conferences for dances, sports nights, and everything in between.

I also enjoy playing sports and staying active. Some of my favourite activities are hiking, kayaking and generally doing anything outside. I have always liked playing volleyball and basketball but like to try anything new. I also really like tennis and rowing.

I was born and raised in Vancouver. I grew up on the North Shore and went to boarding school for grade 10. I also went to the University of Toronto for a year before coming to BCIT.

Here is a list of other things about me:

  1. Best concert I’ve been to – The Boom Booms
  2. My favourite Food – Grilled cheese
  3. My favourite colour -Blue
  4. My favourite quote – “We can’t control the wind but we can adjust our sail.”
  5. My favourite social media – Pinterest
  6. My favourite chips – Salt and vinegar & sweet chili heat
  7. My favourite ice cream – Vanilla with Skor

So that is a bit about me and I hope that I will be able to get to know you guys more too!


Instagram: @alexandra_fraser_

Snap: afraser00

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