3D Sandals launched with help from BCIT researcher

Wiivv Wearables, a BC-based company, has just launched a second Kickstarter campaign for a very unique custom-made 3D sandal. The footwear incorporates a design they developed with the help of BCIT researcher Silvia Raschke, BCIT Make+ Project Leader.

These aren’t like sandals you’ve seen before. Each sandal is a unique foot orthotic constructed from pictures you take on your smartphone. Each pair is 3D printed and then delivered straight to the consumer.

“One of the things I really enjoyed about working with Wiivv is the bigger vision they have for what footwear can be,” says Silvia. “They combine technology, 3D printing and solid innovative design in an interactive way that no other product on the market does right now.”

Silvia’s work with orthotics has allowed Wiivv Wearables to build an exciting business based on local research and talent that fills a global need.  She is featured in the video below, which was produced for the Kickstarter campaign.

She is also mentioned in various media stories on the project, including The Georgia Straight, Daily Hive, and BC Technology.

The research for this project was carried out last year with funding from the NSERC Engage program.


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