Day 2: JDC West 2017

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I hope you all liked the video and the introduction to JDC West 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta. Last year around this time, I could honestly say that I had no idea what JDC West was and to be honest with you, I don’t think I could come up with a brief summary of what it is even after experiencing it.

JDC West, as most people would tell you is the biggest business case competition in Western Canada. It is composed of four small challenges: Social, Debate, Academics and Athletics.

Social and debate teams are composed of four people. Social competitors complete mini challenges in a span of 48 hours, non stop. Debate on the other hand is in parliamentary debate format.

There are 10 smaller teams of three in academics which is composed of topics  such as Accounting, Marketing, Business Strategy, Tax and Entrepreneurship. As I mentioned before, I was part of the Entrepreneurship team. For each academic topic, there is an isolation period, a three-hour resolution period and a 20-25 minute presentation in front of a panel of judges.  My experience presenting for the Entrepreneurship case was definitely a learning curve. The isolation and resolution period went well, in my opinion. However, I did find that my team and I were rushing at the end.

The presentation itself was tough. The judges, comprised of industry professionals and university professors, were grilling us. The hardest part of the presentation was their questions. After the presentation, I felt relieved but at the same time, disappointed in myself. I knew my team and I did the best we could, but I was putting the blame on myself and felt like tearing up. Luckily, my other BCIT teammates who weren’t presenting that day came out to support us and encouraged us. That presentation was definitely a learning experience for me. It was nerve-wracking, challenging but life changing. I felt that as a student and a presenter, I overcame a great barrier and that being able to partake in the competition I am able to present better and be more confident.

Finally, there are usually different sports played for the athletics part of the competition. For this year, the sports were Korfball and DBL. As you will see in the last part of my JDC West Experience, I was a substitute for one of my athletic teammates for DBL.

I definitely felt relived after the presentation was over on Saturday, however I also felt tired. The weekend was definitely jam-packed with activities from the buffer zone, to the opening ceremonies, as shown in this video.

The second day of JDC was not any different. As you will see in the video, Day 2 of BCIT JDC West Experience, events that took place that day was my presentation day, skit night and the T-party hospitality suite, wherein we get a chance to network and mingle with other schools dressed up in costumes that start with a “T”.

Again, if you have guys have any questions about JDC West or if you have thoughts on the videos, please leave a comment below!

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