BCIT Big Info 2016

If you had a chance to catch me during my first time doing Facebook live during BCIT’s Big Info 2016 last Thursday on the BCIT Facebook page, I apologize for my inexperience and blabbering. If you weren’t at Big Info last Thursday, and want to see how it was, feel free to watch it here.  All things considered, however, I enjoyed my time at the BCIT Big Info. I had a chance to volunteer at the School of Business’ Accounting booth.

I was able to talk to prospective, and interested individuals regarding my program. I was joined by one of my classmates, Regina, who is pictured with me below (yes, we have the same name; no Idefinitely am not talking about 1myself in third person). It was an amazing thing to be able to share my experiences first hand and to hopefully,encourage them to go through the program as well.

Surprisingly, most of the prospective students that I had a chance to talk to will be coming straight out of high school. I found that throughout the night, I was going through a nostalgic moment, relieving my experience and memories of when I was in their shoes.

You see, I came to BCIT straight out of high school, which I later found out was not a common thing not only at BCIT but also within the Accounting program. Talking to those people had made me remember my time at the BCIT big info, and my thought process in deciding to pursue Accounting at BCIT.

I believe it was back in November 2012 that I went to BCIT’s Big Info. I was in grade 11 that year and taking an Accounting elective. What got me interested in accounti
ng was the brief accounting part I did during my general business course in grade 10. I remember doing my first balance sheet and income statement, and just finding the process interesting and stimulating.

3It’s quite funny for me to say that as I remember one of my friends, who is a marketing student at BCIT, asked me “what do you like about accounting?”, “do you get excited when the balance sheet balances?”. I remember laughing it off as him making fun of me, but as I recall that first balance sheet and income statement that I did, maybe there is some truth to what he was asking.

I know most accounting students would tell you that they feel relieved when the balance sheet balances, especially on an exam.

Although I had found accounting already interesting, I remember taking pamphlets and information sheets from the Technical Writing program, and even the Forensics program. I remember that it was a nice and enlightening experience being able to go around and talk to BCIT faculty, staff, as well as current students about the program and their first hand experiences.

Because of this experience, I wanted to be able to do the same and hopefully help out a prospective student with their questions and queries. Also, the swag that came with volunteering, pictured on the left, wasn’t such a bad incentive either.

Being it my last year at BCIT, however, the overall experience of helping out and even having one student come to BCIT; and have the same experience as me-fun, enriching and eye-opening, despite being admittedly stressful-would be wonderful. Volunteering at this year’s Big Info has made me feel as I’ve come full circle in my post-secondary education.

If you guys have any questions regarding the Accounting program, please leave a comment below and I’ll happily get back to you.

Till next time,


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