It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

It’s no secret to most people that most BCIT students don’t have a life. With seven courses per semester and each course having homework, papers and exams due every week, it would be hard to find the time to do anything other than study, eat, breathe and sleep.

One of the positive things a BCIT schedule forces you to do, however is managing your time. I always believe in the statement that if there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s been a week since midterms and like most students, I received my midterm marks. Some of my fellow students would be able to relate to me when I say that I wasn’t happy with the marks I got.

However, in the instances that these things occur, I always try to stay positive. I remember one of my instructors from last year told our program this: “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” She explained to us that each semester is not a sprint, but a marathon, as it’s not a rush to the finish. Midterms are the halfway point, a hurdle-seven or more hurdles to be exact- that all students have crossed. The results from this hurdle may not have been what I wanted, or what most students have wanted or expected.  Use these results as a learning experience.

Even though the results weren’t what some of you expected or wanted, it’s always good to remember to reward yourself for the little things. You’ve passed the hurdle, and for me, that’s an accomplishment in itself. That’s exactly what I did after the stressful week , and my reward was definitely in time with Halloween. I find that it’s important to spend time with people that you have fun with and will take your mind off of school.

My friend hosted her first Halloween party last Saturday. I dressed up in camouflage and was able spend time with good company (pictured on the left).

The next day, however was back to business. I work weekends at ‘Little Treasures on the Go’ at the Kids Market in Granville Island as a sales associate. Every Halloween, the market throws an event called ‘Halloweenie’ wherein all the stores in the market hand out candy to kids dressed up in Halloween costumes.

For the workers, the market gives out prizes in the following categories: ‘Best Individual Costume’, ‘Best Group Costume’, and ‘Best Decorated Store’. Our store didn’t win anything last year so this year, my co-workers and I decided to vie for a prize.

From elves from Lord of the Rings to Power Puff girls, my co-workers and I finally decided to dress up as cowgirls, and I think we got the award for Best Group Costume in the bag. Pictured below are my co-workers, Arcelia(far left) and Juanita (middle). These girls are awesome and definitely make long work days more fun.

The kids costumes ranged from Super Mario, princess, skeletons, Star Wars, and police officers. I love working with kids and it was amazing to see them smile and enjoy Halloween. It was a nice break from the stressful environment of school and although the weekend was tiring, it was definitely the break I needed.

I hope everyone has a lovely Halloween today! Or if you’re like me who celebrated over the weekend, I hope your weekend went well. Let me know in the comments how you celebrated Halloween or rewarded yourself for getting through midterms.

It’s past the midpoint for this BCIT semester, and all of us students have another leg to go in order to get to the finish line. Remember to take little breaks here and there, and to reward yourself once in a while!

Till next time,



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