Falling Into a Routine

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Being in the Accounting Degree program has been a stark contrast to being in the diploma program. For one, I had Fridays off and I was taking full advantage of that. However, classes were longer and I was not used to sitting in the room for four hours straight, with a ten minute break here and there. After a month of school, I have found a routine filled with school work, gym, work and having fun that is still a work in progress. My small little green planner is my best friend. On the last day of September, my friends and I decided to enjoy the last few glimpses of sunshine and the warm temperature.

My friends, Davis, Jasmine and I (pictured below-in that order from left to right) decided to go to Light House Park in West Vancouver. Despite being chilly in the morning, it turned out to be a beautiful day to spend around nature. We were aiming to go to the lighthouse itself however, the first and second trail we picked ended up at a dead end. We were disheartened that we wouldn’t get a view of the light house. Third time’s really the charm as we were able to find a trail. Although extremely rocky-it was fun to climb over and on the rocks. In comparison to my two friends who are tall and have long legs, I had to be careful when going over rocks as some of them were more than half as tall as my legs, which of course my friends found hilarious.


Following our time at the park, I attended the Oktoberfest event at our newly renovated pub, the Habitat, with my fellow mentors and mentee. As I mentioned in my bio, I’m honored to be a part of BCIT’s first International Mentorship program for the School of Business. The program aims to assist international exchange students in their transition into BCIT while enhancing student life through cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Pictured below are my fellow mentors and mentees at the Oktoberfest event. My mentee’s name is Lulzim. He is from Austria and he is here at BCIT for a semester to complete his Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA). One fun fact about him is that he speaks four languages-English, German, Albanian and Spanish. It’s been fun getting to know him and sharing his experiences here in Canada.


Monday, October 3, 2016

The weekend has gone by and it seems summer had made its way into fall. Not only do I have my earliest class of the week on a Monday but the class is Taxation, which is the class I consider my weakest one.

Monday also is the day I do subject tutoring at the BCIT downtown campus. For this school year at BCIT, I am a Writing Tutor and a Subject Tutor for the Learning Commons.  I can tutor subjects in the Accounting diploma program such as:

  • Accounting 1 and 2 for Financial Management (FMGT 1105)
  • Business Law (BLAW 3100)
  • Business Math (OPMT 1110)
  • Business Statistics (OPMT 1130)
  • Macroeconomics ( ECON 2200)
  • Microeconomics (ECON 2100)

Although still a work in progress, the routine I’ve built over the past four weeks has helped me get through the first month of school. I’m excited to let you guys know how the routine has worked for me in my upcoming posts, especially during midterm week, which is almost here (cue the sound of doom).

Do you believe in having a routine? Why or why not? If you do have a routine, how strict do you follow your routine? I’d love to hear from you guys about your own routines so let me know in the comments section!

Till next time,


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  1. Great perspectives Regina – hope to see some guidance on midterm exams for the Diploma students and hopefully some JDC WEst news!


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