Dr. Eric Saczuk, Geomatics Instructor, teaches a student how to use drone technology as a tool to collect data at the BCIT Burnaby Campus.

Industry Experts

For a Complex World.

Watch the videos below to see how our passionate expert instructors help students gain the technical skills, hands-on experience, and problem-solving abilities necessary to get hired and succeed.

Applied & Natural Sciences

Design a Better Tomorrow

More than ever, the world needs leaders who can find new approaches to complex issues that affect our way of life. As a BCIT Applied & Natural Sciences grad, you’ll be out in the world solving environmental, social, or technological problems every day.


“Learning how to harness new technologies is a skill my students will use for their entire careers.”


“There’s no better way to learn the healthcare profession than helping real patients. As a BCIT alumna and now a registered forensic nurse with the Fraser Health Authority, I returned to teach as I know this is where students learn how to make a difference in the world."

96% of BCIT degree graduates are employed.

Source: BC Student Outcomes, Baccalaureate Graduates Survey, prepared by BC Stats (2016)

Business & Media

Prepare to Lead

Employers know that BCIT Business grads have learned from industry pros in real-world situations. This is where you learn to embrace change and adapt on-the-fly to create success for yourself and those around you.


“As faculty and the owner of award-winning design firm TransformExp, my students don't just learn through theory and practice but also through my industry experience.”


“Because I work in industry at CBC, CTV, and Global, I keep my curriculum current and on-trend so that my students are gaining industry-relevant skills.”

With five campuses and over 50,000 students enrolled each year, BCIT is one of BC’s largest post-secondary institutions.

Computing & IT

Shape the Future of Tech

Right now, BCIT grads are making advancements in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cloud computing, and robotics. As technology continues to reshape the way we do everything, studying at BCIT is how you can be on the cutting edge of all of it.


“Working with industry partners like Amazon gives my students a great advantage in the classroom. Through class projects like learning to write an Alexa skill, we are determined to make BCIT the first Alexa-enabled campus in Canada.”


“My specialty in engineering and robotics outside of the classroom is what makes inside the classroom so relevant. I can tell the students about the future of our industry because I’ve helped shape it.”

BCIT is the predominant provider of industrial instrumentation, millwright, machinist, and power engineering programs in the province.


Invent Creative Solutions

BCIT grads imagine solutions to complex problems across a range of industries. They are the ones who make our world smarter, faster, safer, and more efficient by creating new ways of doing things.


“We know employers are looking to hire problem solvers. The problem-solving skills that our students attain is the reason why nearly all of our apprentices and technicians are employed.”


“It’s more than just bricks and mortar. At BCIT, we provide students with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills to become successful leaders in the construction industry.”

BCIT fuels the healthcare workforce as the only post-secondary institution in Western Canada offering programs in electroneurophysiology, prosthetics and orthotics, cardiovascular perfusion, and clinical genetics.

Health Sciences

Care for Those Around You

Healthcare professionals are the heart of our communities and everyday heroes to millions of people. With an unmatched depth of health education programs at BCIT, you can find the exact program to suit your interests and begin improving the lives of others almost immediately.


“The nuclear medicine program produces job-ready graduates that possess a unique set of skills which allow them to adapt to current industry needs and future advances.”


“BCIT instructors are not only academics, we also work in industry. Outside of BCIT, I am CEO of Synergy Orthopedics where we’ve discovered how to 3D print specialized orthopedic devices. These innovations are often brought into the classroom as I challenge students to make the medical world a better place.”

BCIT is the largest provider of trades training programs in British Columbia, with programs including joinery, metal fabrication, piping, sheet metal, ironworking, and welding.

Trades & Apprenticeship

Build a Solid Foundation

A career in the trades means you’re building, operating, and maintaining the world’s cities and infrastructure. When you choose BCIT for your training, you’re getting access to the best equipment, instructors, and career-ready education in the province.


“Our unique learning spaces provide my students with the hands-on knowledge and experience that will – literally – take them anywhere they want to go.”