Music and Culture

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At Evolution 107.9, we love all kinds of music, being involved in our community and exploring everything our world has to offer!

  • Culture Connection – Learn more about the many different cultures which make up our Metro Vancouver community. Join our Evolutionaries as they talk to key people in a number of different cultural groups to help understand what their purpose is and what draws them to that certain culture.
  • Echoes – Burnaby and Metro Vancouver has a long and diverse history. Join our Evolutionaries as they explore familiar and not-so-familiar landmarks, buildings, historical sites, events and more to find out the stories behind what we see on the surface.
  • Evolving 20 – Want to know what the top songs are on Evolution 107.9? Join our Evolutionaries for a weekly two-hour countdown of the hottest tunes you just HAVE to hear!
  • Entertainment – Our Evolutionaries bring you the latest news on the bands, artists and celebrities who matter to you!
  • Events Calendar – Check out the latest concerts and events in Metro Vancouver! Everything from when your favourite band is in town and guest lectures, to seminars and community events!
  • Musical Roots – Get informed and educated about different styles, genres and themes simply not heard anywhere else – all presented in the unique style of our Evolutionaries! Enjoy everything from classical, folk and world beat to jazz and blues, religious and experimental.