Billie Eilish: Tickets Sell Out in Record Time for Vancouver Show!

Hey, let’s chat about something that really shook fans here in Vancouver recently… Billie Eilish tickets sold out faster than popcorn at a movie theater! Yep, you read that right. Blink and you missed it. 

The highly anticipated event set for December 3, 2024, at Rogers Arena, is now completely sold out, and people are going wild.


Billie, who has racked up several awards and is a global darling, has decided to bring a show that promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The “Hit Me Hard and Soft” tour will travel all over the world, kicking off this September in Quebec, and yes, it’s coming here too. 

The coolest part? This tour follows the release of her new album, which has been the talk of the town since it dropped in May.

Besides the concert itself being a spectacle, Billie has added a special touch by focusing a lot on sustainability. She’s encouraging everyone to take public transport to the show and to wear second-hand clothes instead of buying from fast fashion stores. All this to reduce the environmental impact that big events usually have. And that’s not all—there will even be water bottle exchanges at the venue to cut down on plastic use.

If you, like me and my buddies, missed out on securing your ticket, there’s still a glimmer of hope. Billie is using Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange system, which lets fans who can’t attend the show sell their tickets at the original price. So, keep an eye out!

With all these sustainability initiatives and a setlist that will give you chills, it’s undeniable that Billie, such a young talent, knows how to make history. And speaking of which, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a ticket, get ready because I believe the event is going to be something special.

So, what do you think about how quickly the tickets sold out? Did you manage to get one? If so, tell me what your expectations are for the show. Didn’t get one? Keep an eye on the Ticketmaster site. Are you gearing up for any more surprises?

Billie Eilish Oscars GIF by The Academy Awards - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Drop a comment below and let’s chat about what we’re looking forward to on the big day!


Switching Things Up: Four Names to Consider for Blue Jays’ Top Spot

The Toronto Blue Jays haven’t exactly kicked off the 2024 MLB season on a high note, and there’s already buzz that major changes are needed to steer the team back to winning ways. The offense is lagging, some pitchers aren’t performing as expected, and sometimes, that fighting spirit seems missing during the games. Whether it’s changes among players or management, something’s got to give before the season slips away completely.

One possibility gaining traction is the departure of John Schneider from the team’s helm, especially if things go downhill even further. Some fans have even been calling for a long time for the coach’s departure for a while now.

But who could take over and turn things around?

Let’s check out four candidates who could breathe new life into the Blue Jays:

Buck Showalter – The Veteran Strategist

Disgusted New York Mets GIF by SNY - Find & Share on GIPHY

(GIF via GIPHY by @sny_tv)

With over 22 years of coaching experience and 1727 career wins, Buck Showalter stands out as an ideal candidate. He’s had two seasons with over 100 wins, a feat the Blue Jays have never achieved in their 48 years. Showalter managed the New York Mets until 2023, and despite an impressive season with 101 wins in 2022, he couldn’t clinch the NL East division title, losing to the Braves on a tiebreaker. Following a below-average year, Showalter was let go. He’s currently an analyst on MLB Network.

Terry Francona – A Coaching Icon

Cleveland Indians Smile GIF by MLB - Find & Share on GIPHY

(GIF via GIPHY by MLB)

Terry Francona is not only among the top 15 coaches in MLB history with a whopping 1905 wins but also has a win percentage of .539, placing him among the top 100 of all time. His experience and ability to lead big teams might be just what the Blue Jays need to rejuvenate their season.

Joe Maddon – The Modern Strategist

Chicago Cubs Baseball GIF by MLB - Find & Share on GIPHY

(GIF via GIPHY by MLB)

Joe Maddon, who started with occasional stints as an interim coach for the Angels in the late ’90s, really made his mark when he took over the Tampa Bay Rays in 2006. His most notable work came over the following nine years with the Rays and another five with the Chicago Cubs. Maddon is known for his innovative approach and could offer a fresh perspective for the Blue Jays.

Matt Hague – The Rising Internal Promise

How about giving a shot to an internal candidate who’s been quietly climbing up the ranks over the past few years? Matt Hague, currently the assistant hitting coach for the Blue Jays, might be a surprise to many, but he’s highly valued within the organization for his excellent results.

Your turn to step up to the plate!

So, who do you think should take the reins of the Blue Jays if Schneider does leave? Do you have any other names in mind that I haven’t mentioned here? 

Please drop a comment below and let’s discuss! Don’t forget to hit like and follow for more updates and exclusive analysis.

Documentary Dilemma: Is the End of Hot Docs Festival?

Canada’s biggest documentary festival, Hot Docs in Toronto, is facing some serious financial trouble. This year, they sent out a bunch of worried emails, warning it might be their last event due to major funding issues. And it’s not just the festival that’s struggling—there’s a real concern across the documentary industry about the uncertain future of this important art form.

Imagine a world without those real stories that have often changed the way we see things. Documentaries like Blackfish“, “Bowling for Columbine” and “An Inconvenient Truth didn’t just grab our attention; they sparked debates and brought about significant change. But even with an audience hungry for these real-life stories, filmmakers are finding it increasingly tough to make documentaries.

The chaos isn’t just a worry for Hot Docs but reflects a broader crisis affecting artistic institutions across the country. The festival was already facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and things got worse recently with the resignation of two prominent board members and the departure of the artistic director.

The conversation extends beyond Canadian borders, with major production companies like Participant Media shutting down and disappointing box office figures in the UK and Ireland. This shift over the past few years, with streaming services taking the lead and focusing on “edutainment” series, shows a significant change. While popular, these series often lack the artistic sophistication of feature-length documentaries.

The situation is dire, and if Hot Docs does end, we’ll lose one of the main platforms for documentaries, especially Canadian ones, to reach buyers and audiences. But not all is lost. Recent increases in documentary funding from Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund hint at a promising path.

Still, relying on market interest might limit the reach of complex, deep stories that have the power to advance the art form.

So, what do you think about all this? Do documentaries hold a special place in your favorites list? Let’s talk more about it in the comments below. Your point of view is super important!

“The Last of Us” Drops Fresh Pics After Filming in Nanaimo, BC

Last month, Nanaimo turned into a post-apocalyptic set for the shooting of “The Last of Us” season two, and today, we finally got a sneak peek with some fresh images from the series. Vancouver Island, known for its calm vibe, was picked to bring critical scenes to life, replacing Seattle on screen and adding some real buzz to the town.

Back in April, Diana Krall Plaza and the streets around it got a total makeover. Heavy gear and blocked-off areas were all part of creating the tense and dramatic atmosphere the show needs. The five-week shoot not only shook up the local daily grind but also put Nanaimo on the map as a key spot in the new season’s story.

The pics released today show thrilling glimpses of the challenges main characters Joel and Ellie, played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, are set to face. These teasers hint at the dark settings and emotional intensity we can expect from the upcoming season, ramping up the excitement for fans.

Besides causing a stir in town during the shoot, picking Nanaimo as a filming location will likely boost the local economy, spotlighting the city on the international entertainment map. This event is a prime example of how big productions can impact small towns, not just during filming but also through tourism and the general interest they spark afterward.

And seriously, if you haven’t checked out “The Last of Us” yet, you’re missing out on something awesome! I’ve played the game on PS5, which is a unique experience quite different from the series. If you haven’t played or watched it yet, here’s my fan advice: watch the first season, play the game, wait for the second season, and then play Part 2 of the game. This way, you’ll avoid any spoilers and fully enjoy all the thrills and surprises coming your way!

So, did you know they were filming around here? Some of the actors were even spotted in Vancouver eateries. Imagine bumping into them! I don’t know about you, but for me, these new images have just cranked up my anticipation for season two.

Drop a comment below and share your thoughts and expectations for the new season of “The Last of Us”.

What do you think of the new pics? Are you more excited for the upcoming season? Comment below, and let’s dive into each detail revealed together!

Donald Glover’s Final Tour is Coming to Vancouver

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has just announced a global tour that’s shaping up to be a real spectacle. Dubbed “The New World Tour,” this trip will hit spots in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand starting this August.

The artist also dropped a new version of his album “3.15.20”, now called “Atavista”

which features fresh tracks and a cinematic music video for the song “Little Foot Big Foot,” directed by the renowned Hiro Murai and featuring Young Nudy.

Glover is famous for his intense and immersive performances. Along with songs from the “Atavista” album, we’ll definitely get to experience live some career-defining tracks like the iconic “This Is America”. The Vancouver show promises to be a night full of surprises, and maybe even some special guest appearances.

Glover hinted that this tour might be one of his last gigs under the Childish Gambino alias, as he plans to close this chapter with a final album that will also serve as a soundtrack for his movie “Bando Storm and the New World”. The tour kicks off in August and will travel through many cities worldwide, including several up north. Here are the key dates for those wanting to catch him in our area:

September 23: Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena

September 24: Portland, OR – Moda Center

September 25: Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena

September 29: Calgary, AB – Scotiabank Saddledome

September 30: Edmonton, AB – Rogers Place

So, are you ready? “The New World Tour” will land here on September 23 at Rogers Arena. If I were you, I’d mark that date on the calendar! It’s a unique chance to see Donald Glover in action, especially considering it might be one of the last opportunities to catch a live show from the Gambino project.

I can say that the “Atavista” album has really delivered, featuring stellar collaborations with Ariana Grande and Summer Walker, among others. The new album version includes two additional tracks that were quietly released during the early days of the pandemic – a move that left many fans eager for more. And now, with the tour, Glover is truly delivering the full package.

The tour is produced by AEG and features opening acts from Willow in North America and Amaarae in Europe. Tickets will be available starting May 17, with pre-sales for American Express members and sign-ups for early access also available. It’s a must-not-miss opportunity to witness Glover’s creative brilliance and say a big goodbye to Childish Gambino.

Now I want to hear from you! Like the news? Planning to hit the show? Drop a comment below because I’m eager to hear more.

Get Ready to Go Back in Time: A new festival ‘with no name’ is bringing a taste of the Old West to Vancouver

If I invited you to take a step back in time with this brand-new summer fest?

The “Fest With No Name” promises a real Old West adventure, complete with country music, fun activities, and a setting that’ll make you feel like you’re in a Western movie.

The organizers vow to transform the PNE into an Old West cultural experience, inspired by the iconic “Man With No Name” and the “A Fistful of Dollars” trilogy.

You can stroll through a locally recreated Western movie set, where every detail transports you to a time of sunset duels and mysterious saloons.

Among the attractions, you can try out an old-fashioned photo booth or browse a vintage market brimming with cowboy accessories. For the more daring, how about testing your skills on a mechanical bull? (I’ve tried it and man, it’s a blast!) But that’s not all: the festival also features drag queen performances, and a variety of delicious BBQ food from local vendors—pretty cool, right?

Musically, the festival is shaping up nicely too, with renowned country artists like Midland and Shane Smith & The Saints making their debuts in Western Canada. We’ll also see performances from Pony Bradshaw, Summer Dean, and Jaime Wyatt, plus the well-known “Queen of the Road,” Nikki Lane, returning to delight the audience alongside other talented Canadian artists.

Mark your calendar: the festival is on July 20 and 21, starting at 4:15 PM (gates open at 4:00 PM) at the PNE Centre Grounds. Tickets are available online for $100 (general) and $200 (VIP). The event will kick off with an opening ceremony by the Squamish Ocean Canoe Family and is open to all ages.

Don’t miss out on this unique party, set to be one of the most memorable experiences of Vancouver’s summer. So, excited about the festival?

For more details and information about the tickets, visit: [LINK]

Please, leave a comment below and let me know what you’re looking forward to most at this spectacular event!

Enjoying the Summer: Where to Legally Drink on Vancouver’s Beaches and Parks

Hey there! Summer’s almost here, and with it comes that urge to soak up every bit of outdoor fun, right? Well, the good news is, that the Vancouver City Council has approved a program that allows folks over the legal drinking age to enjoy a drink on select beaches. The “Alcohol on Beaches Program” will be in effect from June 1 to September 30.

Happy Hour Drink GIF by Un si grand soleil - Find & Share on GIPHY

(Imagem via Flickr by Un si grand soleil)

Based on a decision made at the Vancouver Park Board meeting on May 6, drinking alcoholic beverages is now allowed from 11 AM to 9 PM. But just a heads up, last year there were some issues with disorderly behavior and increased trash in these areas. So, this time around, there will be more police and inspectors on hand to keep things in check.

Here are the spots where you can enjoy a cold one with a view of the sea:

  • Jericho Beach
  • Spanish Banks
  • Locarno Beach
  • Second Beach (Stanley Park)
  • Kitsilano Beach
  • John Hendry / Trout Lake Beach
  • New Brighton Beach

And remember, drinking is still banned on these beaches:

  • English Bay Beach
  • Sunset Beach Park
  • Third Beach (Stanley Park)
  • CRAB Park Beach
  • Beaches along the Fraser River

Now, if you’re wondering about parks, it’s a bit more flexible. 31 parks allow drinking year-round and another 15 join the list between July 1 and August 31. Some of these parks include Adanac Park, Kitsilano Beach Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park.

So, if you’re planning to enjoy the summer with some drinks, these are your options. But hey, let’s keep it responsible, okay? Drink in moderation and don’t forget to throw your trash in the bin.

Now tell me, do you have any plans to hit these beaches or parks?

Please, leave a comment below about what you think of this flexibility and if you have a favorite spot to enjoy an evening out. Let’s chat!

Tennis Revolution! How Felix Auger-Aliassime Is Redefining Expectations and Conquering the World!

Felix Auger-Aliassime, one of the bright talents in Canadian tennis, faced a significant setback in his journey at the Italian Open. The match, which took place in the third round, saw Felix go up against Alex de Minaur from Australia, an opponent he had a history of defeating. This time, however, the story took a different turn, and Felix left the court with a loss of 6-7, 6-4, 6-4.

The game, lasting over three hours, turned into a real emotional rollercoaster. Felix, known for his power and precision, managed to fire off five aces. However, the 13 double faults were a major hurdle, ultimately costing him dearly. The balance between brilliant moments and unexpected errors highlighted the unpredictability of the sport.

De Minaur, on the other hand, played with impressive calmness. He capitalized on just four of the twelve break opportunities, but that was enough to clinch the victory. With consistent serving, scoring only one ace and a single double fault, the Australian displayed a solid, strategic performance.

Felix Auger-Aliassime hails from Laval, Quebec, Canada. He started turning heads in the tennis world at a very young age, known for his early talent and relentless work ethic.

From an early age, Felix showed promise in tennis. He had a notable junior career, reaching the number two position in the ITF junior world rankings. His ability to perform at a high level from the get-go was evident when he won the US Open junior doubles title in 2015 and made it to the singles final of the same tournament in 2016.

Professionally, Felix quickly transitioned to the ATP circuit and continued to impress. He claimed his first ATP title in 2021 at the Stuttgart tournament in Germany. Since then, he has been a regular in ATP tournament finals and has achieved multiple victories against top 10 players, solidifying his reputation as one of the most promising players of his generation.

Besides his achievements, Felix has also been a key component of Team Canada in the Davis Cup. He played a crucial role in Canada’s historic win at the 2022 Davis Cup, where Canada clinched the title for the first time.

Felix is known for his powerful game, which includes a strong serve and very solid baseline shots. He is also praised for his maturity on the court and his ability to stay calm under pressure, exceptional traits for someone so young in such a competitive sport.

However, this match showed that even the best have their off days. The loss is certainly a tough blow, but also a learning opportunity. Knowing Felix’s determination, he will use this experience to come back even stronger.

The match was reminiscent of the showdown of the 2022 Davis Cup, where Felix helped Canada defeat Australia, but this time, de Minaur had his revenge. Now, the Australian moves on to face the sixth seed, Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece, who comes off a victory over the Brit, Cameron Norrie.

Felix’s journey in Rome may have come to an end, but the season is far from over. Tennis fans will surely be eager to see how he bounces back and adapts after this defeat.

So, guys, what do you think Felix needs to adjust to come back stronger in upcoming tournaments? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Get Your Tickets: Concert Week Offers Unbeatable Prices in Vancouver!

Hey, live music fan! Live Nation’s Concert Week is in full swing, and until May 14th, you can snag tickets to top shows in Vancouver for just $25. Yes, you heard that right: twenty-five bucks to see some of the hottest names in music today!

This year is extra special as it marks the tenth anniversary of Live Nation’s “Concert Week.” During this week, music and comedy lovers can grab tickets for only $25, available for over 5,000 shows throughout the year. The lineup includes an impressive variety of artists and bands, so get ready to mark your calendars.

Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss:

Prateek Kuhad – Soft sounds promising an unforgettable evening at the Commodore Ballroom on May 8th.

AJ Mitchell – The pop sensation will be rocking the Hollywood Theatre on May 31st.

Vampire Weekend on their ‘Only God Was Above Us’ Tour – A triumphant return to the stage at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, on June 18th.

And there’s more! Orville Peck brings his “Stampede Tour” to the UBC Doug Mitchell Stadium on July 18th, while Billy Idol, with his “Rebel Yell 2024” tour, will shake up the Rogers Arena at the end of July.

Rock fans can look forward to Kings of Leon and Weezer in August and October, respectively. And for those who like a softer vibe, Cigarettes After Sex will bring their “X’s World Tour” to town in September.

Kygo, Evanescence, and Arkells are also on the list, bringing a fantastic diversity of styles and sounds to suit all tastes.

Remember: to take advantage of this amazing offer, look for the ticket type marked as “Concert Week Promotion” during purchase. This is your chance to see big names for a price that’s music to your ears!

This is the perfect time to plan those get-togethers with friends and ensure a year filled with live music.

The Unexpected Hero: How Josh Donaldson Supercharged the Blue Jays’ Dream Season

Back in November 2014, something huge happened in the world of baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays made a bold move by trading for Josh Donaldson, a third baseman everyone thought was off-limits. They gave up Brett Lawrie, Kendall Graveman, Sean Nolin, and Franklin Barreto to get him from the Oakland Athletics. This deal was a game-changer, thanks to the gutsy decision-making of Alex Anthopoulos, the team’s general manager at the time.

Josh Donaldson, also known as the “Bringer of Rain,” truly lived up to his nickname. He brought his A-game to Toronto, turning the team’s luck around. Before you knew it, the Blue Jays went from being the underdogs to serious contenders. In the 2015 season, Donaldson hit an impressive .297, knocked 41 homers, and led the league with 123 RBIs. His performance was so outstanding that he bagged the AL Most Valuable Player award. He wasn’t just a player; he became a Canadian hero.

During a chat on Sportsnet 590 The FAN’s Blair and Barker show, Donaldson shared, “We all had one goal in mind, and we knew we were good. It felt great knowing that other teams were relieved when we left town. That’s one of the best compliments we could get.” Alongside stars like Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, he pushed the Blue Jays into the playoffs for the first time since their 1992 and 1993 World Series wins. They even clinched the AL East title with a record of 93-69.

The most unforgettable moment came during the ALDS against the Texas Rangers. In the decisive Game 5, the Blue Jays sealed their victory, and it included the famous “Bat Flip” moment that everyone still talks about. The energy in the city was electric—everyone was rallying behind the Blue Jays.

Donaldson fondly remembered, “Knowing that we had beaten teams mentally before the game even started was thrilling. There was a real sense of brotherhood among us.”

Though they didn’t win the World Series, falling to the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS, 2015 was definitely not a loss for the Blue Jays. It was the beginning of a new, exciting chapter, proving they were back in the game.

Let’s chat about it! What’s your favorite moment from the 2015 Blue Jays season? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts!