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Lights Up we go

Now I’m a big fan of upbeat pop music. I like something you can dance to and I am constantly looking for new music I can work out to. I am not too familiar with Lights, but I when I heard this song, I immediately liked it. Although it’s poppy, it’s very different from all the mainstream electronic-pop music out there.  On the surface it sounds like your typical upbeat pop song. But if you’re like me and you like looking into music for more of a meeting, reading lyrics is a must. When I read the lyrics I saw the song on a whole new level.  The lyrics show the song as more of a struggle and you see the singer as being really vulnerable.  I found these lyrics to be really relatable, and for me, that is what makes a song a favorite.  She writes:  “It’s been a hard year with nothing to show, from down this road it’s only on we go…” You can tell there is a struggle there, but when you are down, you can only go up. So there is a positive message. The lyrics have substance and meaning. In a world where a pop song is about booties and twerking, it’s refreshing to hear an artist express themselves truthfully and bare all their emotions in their music.  Even if you don’t like Lights or this genre of music, you have to agree that Lights is a true artist. She has a lot of talent. She can sing ,she has a unique voice, and I always appreciate an artist more when they write their own lyrics and use their own experiences, because it’s about relating and sharing your experiences with your fans, and I think Lights nails it. http://music.iamlights.com/

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