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Recent Posts

“BC Stores Fight Back to Keep Cigarette Sales”

Stores with pharmacies in BC aren’t sitting well with the proposal to remove cigarette sales in their stores. They plan on taking legal action to prevent this from happening.  In a letter sent from a number of these affected stores to the College of Pharmacists of BC, they believe that the College has no right to regulate the goods sold outside of the pharmacy and are overstepping their authority.

The letter also states that other goods sold at the store such as junk food and lottery tickets are also harmful to health, yet they are not being reviewed. President and CEO of BC Lung Association stated that “tobacco is recognized as the most important preventable cause of disease and death and it has distinguished itself such that it is not the same as salted snacks or sugar sweetened beverages or chocolate bars. Tobacco should be prohibited by sale in pharmacy’s in this province”.

British Columbia happens to be the only province in Canada that has yet to prohibit the sale of tobacco from stores with pharmacies.

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