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Dark Table Vancouver (Review)

Photo via urban spoon by By Swiss Tiara On February 26, 2013

Dark Table is a unique restaurant experience that allows patrons to dine in complete darkness. Upon arriving to the restaurant you must pre order your food while you wait outside, I decided to go with the mystery starter (because why not) and the roasted chicken breast with seasoned potatoes and vegetables. Thinking that I would be eating in the dark I thought that chicken would be a safe choice. Eventually, our table was ready and in order to enter the restaurant we had to have a server guide us in, like a train of people moving slowly into the complete darkness. Another interesting  key point to the restaurant is that the servers are blind.

My favorite part of the experience would have to ease dropping on every ones conversation, one being between two woman contemplating on order another drink. The pair sounded slightly intoxicated but from what I heard the pending drink order never happened. When the food arrived, I slowly realized that the mystery starter wasn’t too much of a mystery, its was a arugula salad with a crustini.

Overall the food was good, the experience was strange, but would I do it again, probably not. I feel as though its something to try once, but not necessarily to be a recurring place to eat for myself. It is a little on the pricier side then other restaurants but the experience is extremely unique.

I would recommend Dark Table to newcomers of a dark dining experience, but once you’ve tried it, you’ve tried it.

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