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Lumineers Are Coming to Vancouver Orpheum

If you are a ‘Lumineers lover’, get ready for this very exciting news! This folksy alternative band is coming to the Vancity Orpheum Wednesday, June 1st! You’ll also want to mark Friday, February 12th down on your calendar… That is the day tickets go on sale via Live Nation.


‘The Lumineers’ released their first album three years ago and they became an instant success! Let’s all remember ‘Ho Hey’ for a second:

‘Ho Hey’ made the Top 50 Songs of 2012 in Rolling Stones Magazine! Which is unbelievable considering it was their first album ever. Their newest song ‘Ophelia’ was just released on YouTube 7 hours ago. Have a listen.

What do you think?

Will their second album be more successful than their first? I would love to hear. Comment below!

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