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The effect of Ottawa shooting at the New West City Hall

Deadly shootings took place in Ottawa today, where an armed gunamn shot at a National War Memorial, killing 1 soldier, before heading to Parliament’s Centre Block. Up to 50 shots were fired before the gunman died. This tragedy comes after two days after 2 soldiers were run over by a car near Montreal, where 1 soldier lost his life.

Blair Fryer, the communications director at the City of New Westminster, about the New West City Hall’s reactions to the Ottawa tragedy. ” As a public building in lower mainland… keeping awareness of what’s happening in Ottawa…. We’ve spoken to our police department… about any additional security measure that may need to be taken… we’ve been asking staff to … be alert for any potential danger that may present themselves…certainly the events in Quebec and ..today make you think about our first responders armed forces and other security personnel to keep you safe.”

As how this week’s events will affect security measures in next month’s remembrance day celebration, Fryer  ” haven’t talked to the event organizers about this yet.”

It will be interesting how security procedures for big events like the remembrance day celebrations will be impacted given the two tragedies this week involving military personnel.


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