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Black is the new…Black

It’s a love-love relationship. No hate, no hard times matching, not such a bad thing if you spill red wine on your ensemble. That is right. Black is the new black. How could you ever go wrong with this shade? It is impossible. Black literally matches everything, along with your ex’s soul.

But is there such thing as too much black? I mean… what happens if you are wearing all black and strolling down the street then someone runs the other way because they think you are a vampire? Or what if you’re walking at night and someone can’t see you? I think black is the minxiest color/shade (whatever you’d like to call it) in the book. Black has the power of slimming you out, complimenting any outfit and accenting all the right features. Black is back, but was it ever really gone? I mean, it has gotten significantly more popular as the grunge hipster style has fallen back into place but what other shade (really) could do all of these things and more. I’m pretty sure the only black thing that people don’t want to see is the burnt part on their grilled cheese, and even then people still love that smoky taste. Man, Pearl Jam even named a song after the shade! Thus, black is back and if you haven’t gotten on this style train, you better revamp your wardrobe because it is here to stay.

-Kylee Roman

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