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Kinder Morgan Expansion: What do the North Burnaby residents think?



Burnaby’s mayor Derek Corrigan and his council (Burnaby Citizens Association) have been very vocal about their opposition to the new Transmountain pipeline (i.e: Kinder Morgan Expansion), which may go through the Burnaby Mountain. However, other mayoral candidates haven’t made their stances clear.

5 North Burnaby residents voiced their opinions about the Kinder Morgan expansion at Kensington Plaza.

David Lee: “Kinder Morgan pipeline, hopes it doesn’t go through… If it does, it will be a travesty of justice because this place does not need any more risks of oil spill… This is a residential district.”

A man who refused to give his name: “Mr. Corrigan is out of his mind. He doesn’t want jobs, maybe he should quit his mayorship.”

Annette: “I don’t think they should allow it. I don’t want a national disaster for habitat over there (Burnaby Mountain) and our water…”

Richard: “We don’t need that around here. It’s really bad for everybody…It’s too close to people’s homes, the expansion is very dangerous.”

Jen: “I’m against it…I don’t want any pipe around my areas…”

Based on these 5 interviews, Derek Corrigan may be the favorite in North Burnaby. But what will the rest of Burnaby residents say on November 15, 2014?


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