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Record Store Day Celebrations

You may have thought that vinyl records were a thing of the past, but they’re making a comeback!  Music lovers around the world are celebrating the 8th annual Record Store Day today.  Held each year on the third Saturday in April, it’s a day that is meant to bring communities together and spread the word about the unique culture of independently owned record stores.

Many Vancouver stores are participating in the event.  Though every record store will be offering something a little different, many plan to provide live music, showcase special vinyl releases, and offer sales on new and old records.  David Jones of Vinyl Records on West Hastings is excited about what his store has planned to mark the occasion:

“Record Store Day we have been celebrating for a few years now and [this year] will be our biggest event yet.  We will have live locally-based artists all day, a lot of jazz and soul artists.  We’re going to have a sale.  Record Store Day is the most special day for record stores, it’s about sharing with the community.”

Listening to music on vinyl may not be as common as it once was, but record stores are gaining recognition and popularity world-wide.  That sounds like a reason to celebrate!


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