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BCIT Launches New Program with Seaspan

Image by: "slafko" user on sxc free images

Image by: “slafko” user on sxc free images

The British Columbia Institute of Technology has partnered up with a corporation in the launch of a promising new program.

The Marine Fitter program offers students hands on training in the shipbuilding and marine industry. The intensive four-level program will prepare apprentices for work in all shipyard production. The program was developed through partnerships between many members of the marine industry, one of which is Seaspan.

Seaspan secured 8 billion dollars in federal government shipbuilding contracts a few years ago and this new program is hoping to secure jobs for students, as there is now a high demand for employment in this work field.

As the program is expanding the knowledge of potential employees in marine trades, Merike Kolga a Seaspan Training Specialist says the shipbuilding industry will be able to benefit from this new program. “As the province actually grows the skills of everyone in trades, being able to have a program out there that is specifically directed towards shipbuilding repair and marine industry is seen as an asset”.

The Marine Fitter program currently has 14 students already enrolled.

Story by: Amanda Boland

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