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Ranking the new 2017 MLS jerseys

The MLS season is upon us. Every year each team releases at least one new jersey thanks to league requirements. Now that the 2017 season kits have all been released, it’s time to rank them. This year seems to be a bit of a down year in terms of looks, a lot of the styles are simple, plain, and downright uninspired. So let’s get started.

1. Orlando City SC- Primary Kit


Purple and gold are a beautiful mix. The kit continues the simplistic style of this year, but with a stunning and bold color scheme. The gold lion on the crest pops and is definitely an eye catcher. It’s a great upgrade from the purple and white of last year.

2. Portland Timbers- Primary Kit

There’s a common theme amongst these top 5 jerseys, and it’s the gold accents. Portland took one of their best and top selling jerseys and reworked it to be their primary this year. The green is a nicer shade and the gold an even golder (if that’s even a word), it’s a total upgrade from that past alternate jersey. There’s no doubt the rabid Timber fans will snatch this one up like crazy.

3 Columbus Crew – Primary Kit

nitThank you Columbus for return to full on yellow kits. The kits bold yellow base and checkered side stripe are reminiscent of the great kits Columbus once dawned. Great choice to go back to solid yellow. Black and yellow baby!

4. Atlanta United FC-Primary Kit

This is one of the kits that stands out most this year. Red, black,and gold in my opinion are the best color scheme possible. Literally anything with a gold accent is a winner. Solid black stripes and a red base are a mixture of the historic AC Milan kits that are world famous. Atlanta did well for their first ever kit.

5. LA Galaxy- Secondary Kit

Classic dark blue, this is where simplicity is completely fine. The dark blue combined with the blue Adidas stripes and cuffs are a great combination. I love the off colored, uneven lines on the front of the jersey. They give it a feeling of depth. Great solid jersey for a solid team.

6. DC United- Secondary Kit

This kit is out there and that’s why it’s in the top 10. It’s a unique design that many people have been criticizing. I think it looks like super hero armor, like Spiderman kind of. Why would you not wanna look like a soccer playing Spiderman? I love it, ya’ll can hate it if you want, but it stands out among the simplicity of other kits.

7. Chicago Fire- Secondary Kit

Call 9-1-1 because this kit is FIRE! Best Fire kit in a long time. The grey is a nice change to seeing white away kits all the time.Love the blue secondary color combination too. The Valspar sponsor logo actually looks good on it too.

8. Philadelphia Union- Secondary Kit

Best white kit this season. The navy blue sleeves and blue side stripe are sleek. A solid black badge, absolutely beautiful on that solid white. I love everything about this kit and I’ve never been a huge fan of Union kits.

9. Seattle Sounder- Secondary Kit

Another white kit, but the Sounders made sure it was classy. It’s supposedly a call back to older kits from their 40 years of soccer history. The added collar and old NASL logo on the back are super attractive on a normally basic kit.

10. Atlanta United FC- Secondary Kit

A simple red and white, a perfect look for the first ever secondary kit for Atlanta. I think the barely visible stripes going across the body of the kit helps make the it look less boring than a solid white.

11. Toronto FC- Primary Kit

Toronto hasn’t really had to change much. The solid red and black sleeves still make it one of the best kits in the league. If only they could get rid of BMO as the shirt sponsor, it just looks out of place on a solid kit. It’s just another year where Toronto hasn’t disappointed. And that silver maple leaf…very nice.

12. Montreal Impact- Secondary Kit

Clean, and fresh is how you can describe the new Montreal secondary kit. Very reminiscent of the snow that covers Montreal every year. The blue accents looking stunning fitting along with the white. One more word for this kit: CRISP!

13. Houston Dynamo- Primary Kit

A clean orange kit. Not much to say about it as it follows classic Houston jerseys. The orange and white just makes it look fresh, but doesn’t really wow the eye. Best part about it, the sponsor logo isn’t obnoxiously large.

14. Minnesota United FC- Secondary Kit

Minnesota could have had a better showing for it’s new kits. The silver shoulders are what makes the shirt and of course the badge. They do have the best badge in the MLS.

15.Colorado Rapids- Secondary Kit

It’s another rehash of a previous jersey. I actually really love the yellow and blue. My question is why do the red and blue badge? It doesn’t look good on the yellow. There’s also a red button on the collar… I dunno Colorado is a funny place.

16. FC Dallas- Secondary Kit

No hoops, but there are stars. I honestly think it’s an upgrade from past Dallas secondary kits. But no way is it better than their home kits. The faded fronts are also stupid. They clearly didn’t learn from Columbus’ disaster of a jersey last year. The top and button up is nice though.

17. New York City FC- Primary Kit

It’s boring and obviously a Manchester City copy. They should be doing more with the New York flag colors. Mets and Knicks blue and orange are the best color combo in sports. Other than it being boring and uninspired there’s nothing really aesthetically wrong with the kit.  

18. Sporting KC- Primary Kit

It’s fancy, and has a nice collar. It’s not too exciting , but there’s definitely nothing wrong with it. The white stripes go nicely with the completely white pants. I think it’ll look even better when worn on field.  

19. San Jose Earthquakes- Primary Kit

The only reason why this isn’t at the very end of the list is because the design is so much different than any other jersey. It’s carrying over that earthquake fault line design from their nicer kits from the last couple years. It looks like a beer league jersey though, and the giant sponsor logo makes it look worse.

20. New England Revolution- Secondary Kit

Split jerseys aren’t the best. I like the combination of the colors, I just think the split ruins the jersey. It supposed to resemble the American flag. Everyone loved the white and red stripped USA jerseys, they should have done that.

21. Minnesota United- Primary Kit

The unique Minnesota colors are awesome, the kit not so much. The slash and sponsor logo ruins it. I just think they clash together. The silver and light blue complement each other so well. But I just can’t get over the look of the white target logo getting in the way.

22. Real Salt Lake- Secondary Kit

It’s just white. It’s boring too. RSL has a great color combination and none of it is shown off on this jersey. RSL is starting to disappoint with every new jersey release.

23. New York Red Bulls- Primary Kit

What the heck is this design supposed to be? It’s just a whole bunch of lines coming across the jersey. It’s not even a proper pattern. Red Bull jerseys have always been nice solid jerseys even with that annoying giant sponsor logo on it. But no this is terrible. Seriously it’s just lines!  

24. Vancouver Whitecaps- Primary Kit

The Whitecaps have always had some of the best white home jerseys, but not this year. This year they will wear pajamas as their home jerseys. Why triangles? If they wanted to put rain drops on the jersey they should have just done that. At least the Whitecaps have a beautiful secondary jersey.    


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