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NEB greenlights Kinder Morgan to survey in Burnaby: What’s next?


On October 23, the Calgary based National Energy Board ruled in favor of Kinder Morgan, the company that want to build a brand new pipeline on top of the existing one in Burnaby. If built, the capacity for the new pipeline will be triple of the current pipeline.

Now Kinder Morgan can conduct surveys in Burnaby’s municipal land, including the Burnaby Mountain. So what are the next steps for the City of Burnaby?

Gregory McDade, the council for the city, says ” There is an appeal to the National Energy Board and it’s to the Court of Appeal…I suspect we will be filing that appeal probably next week.”

As for other cities that may join Burnaby’s fight against Kinder Morgan ” Vancouver, Langley, and Abbotsford actually applied to intervene, and the NEB turned them down… suspect those municipalities will appeal in the Federal Court of Appeal… and perhaps other municipalities as well…”

It looks like the fight against the Kinder Morgan expansion in the west coast will get uglier.

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