Physics Dept. Demonstration Manual

DEM33 - Hysteresis Curve on Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope


To display on CRT the characteristics of the B-H magnetisation curve.

  • Hysteresis loop tracer
  • Inductors, Toroidal and E-core
  • Dual-Trace Oscilloscope


The scope is set up for x- and y- unswept inputs. The Loop tracer with Inductor attached) is connected to the x-y channels on scope. With the "Increase H" control of Loop Tracer turned off, the scope spot is centered. The "increase" control is advanced to get a small or full-size image of the sigmoid-shaped B-H curve, at adjustable levels of core saturation. Changing the inductor to one having different core material and/or geometry affects the core losses as seen by the trace area bounded by the B-H curve.







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